Stories seyfologii

No, do not look for such a science. It simply does not exist. So we decided to call everything related to safe storage and safe deposit boxes in particular. We offer you a small selection of incidents related to the safe.

Our officials and other similar fashion folk have to use the services of banks Cyprus. However, the most likely reason is not reliable Cypriots. Otherwise, how to explain the story of 23-year-old would-be robber who decides to rob a bank in Nicosia, and sleeping right on the scene. Jonah woke cleaner, after which the hero "on white ruchenki" sent to places not so remote.

The second story is not so funny, because two Kosovars decided to rob one of the Belgian banks, slightly miscalculated the amount of explosives, resulting, safe and not revealed, while they themselves were killed by the blast wave formed by the rubble. The blast produced yeggs shattering the good half of the building.

Indian Dwarika Prasad suffered not from robbers, but from termites. All of its hundreds of thousands of rupees were simply destroyed by termites in a rented safe Central Bank of India. The sadness is that the bank is in no way compensate for the loss unfortunate, since cracking the safe was not, and he was left unharmed. In addition, bank depositors warned about possible problems with termites.

Greed fraera ruined. The following story Kiev burglars could not be better illustrates this well-known saying. The group "like-minded" for a long time plunder capital offices. While during another robbery did not find a note with the phrase that both Mary and asked her to pay extremely large bills left. After a long search in the back room has been found safe, "old school." Unable to open the greetings from the Soviet era, the robbers took him with them. But the dilapidated staircase could not stand such a weight, and along with a safe robbers smashed two more flights, then called an ambulance. Further, everyone knows what happened. The funny thing is that Mary was a cleaner and safe hiding only 1,200 Ukrainian hryvnia. Salary Masha :)

Finally proof that Google really knows everything :) Two American robber initially went to the botched deal and decided to rob one of the entertainment centers in Colorado. However, they were unaware that they could be trapped. When already in place, these two characters realize that the simple method of selection of the code it is not safe to open next Christmas, the attackers found the laptop and "demand" from Google, how to solve the problem. The answer was found and lucky thieves have taken with them not only the laptop and the console PlayStation, but the $ 12 000.

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