To get an actor "Oscar" - not in vain live life. That tomorrow lie down and die - do not be sorry, his mission on this sinful earth fulfilled. It is not clear to me what's so great about this little statuette that adult aunts and uncles, dressed in the best clothes, on shaky legs take the stage, shaking hands are drawn to the coveted figure and thickly uttered incoherent speech - is so worried ... «Thank you for parents, for producer, to God »

Let's ponastalgiruem and remember the best women's roles in the last decade.

2000 / Julia Roberts / "Erin Brockovich" / the role of Erin Brockovich

In my opinion - rather mediocre film, but who am I to judge. Good for you, Julia earned!

2001 / Halle Berry / "Monster's Ball" / Leticia Musgrove role

2002 / Nicole Kidman / "Clock" / the role of Virginia Woolf

2003 / Charlize Theron / "Monster" / the role of Aileen Wuornos

2004 / Hilary Swank / "Million Dollar Baby" / the role of Maggie Fitzgerald

2005 / Reese Witherspoon / "Walk the Line" / the role of June Carter

2006 / Helen Mirren / "The Queen" / the role of Queen Elizabeth II

2007 / Marion Cotillard / "La Vie en Rose" / role of Edith Piaf

2008 / Kate Winslet / "Reader" role / Hanna Schmitz

2009 / Sandra Bullock / "The Blind Side" / the role of Leigh Anne Thuy

2010 / Natalie Portman / "Black Swan" / the role of Nina Sayers


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