Every girl has bouts of self-doubt appeal and beauty. So I now have a period. It seems that the blush is not enough, the skin is silky, with little eyes shine. But here in Hollywood all the time and again beautiful and sweet. But there is one big, fat "but." This professional makeup and photoshop. The absence of even something one does American residents of the valley or slightly better than the usual average statistical woman of any other city. Bohemian women living can be and still, but I've personally once it becomes good for the soul, and from some of the photos even joyfully.

For example, Alicia Silverstone. Typically, such a girl. But covered her and otfotoshopit, immediately becomes a beauty beauty.

Debra Messing. I honestly do not expect to see such a gray mole.

Angelina Jolie. Who would have thought that she had such skin. Now I'm just going to sleep - there is no absolutely beautiful women!

Anne Hathaway. Yes, in principle, all right. Simply facial wrinkles.

Amy Winehouse. Just no comment.

Britney Spears. Enriched in such photos is not a paparazzi.

Catherine Zeta-Jones. I do not know who to blame: makeup, lighting, or something else. But it seems the Catherine does have skin problems.

Madonna. A great woman, and looks like this in reality her face.

Gwyneth Paltrow. Blonde blonde.

Kate Moss. Something to look at it here, even scary. How she manages to be a model at a certain appearance?

Kim Kardashian. Finally saw her without false eyelashes and tons of lipstick on her lips. Typical armyaninka.

Lindsay Lohan. Girl 24 years old. Never ceases to amaze.

Zooey Deschanel. Whether cries a lot, then at night not sleeping.

Megan Fox. It turns out everything is not so smooth.

Meryl Streep. Even with many wrinkles is still a beauty.

Milla Jovovich. And fatigue, and facial wrinkles.

Monica Bellucci. The woman in the juice. It seems all right, but who knows, it may be particularly good makeup?

Taylor Swift. I just wanted to look at her without her constantly painted eyes.


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