This decorative element, fabric and thread, you can add an additional image of beauty and refinement! A wide selection of lace in different colors, patterns and materials allow anyone, even the most "heavy" flavor, make your selection. For many years, this trend is not out of fashion. Until now shows the most fashionable designers - models are in dresses of this material. Modern style does not put restrictions only Fatah wedding and ball gowns, even with a simple T-shirts, sweatshirts and leggings external appearance will add elegance and well maintained! Stars increasingly dress of lace things, and I think they look very good! It is necessary to try very much to spoil the look of this elegant materials like lace! But there are also! =)

Quite often only one refinement! Dita Von Teese

Modest and tasteful. Melanie Laurent


Lindsay Lohan


A little too short for Beyonce

The absurdity of Paris Hilton

Emma Watson

Kelly Brook

And we just woke up! Short negligee from Miley Cyrus

I think it would be better looked at the girl with the more expressive forms. Irina Shayk


Sofia Vergara


Kim Kardashian

Nicole Kidman has always been good in white


Lately Christina Aguilera does not change the style

And here is the leggings! At Nicole Scherzinger they sit perfectly


Unusual color lace chose Michelle Rodriguez

Peris and Nicky Hilton

Holly Valance


Too openly. Jessica Loudnes

My grandmother had a similar nightie =) Katy Perry


Suppose for Beyonce and it was short, but still looked better than Jennifer Love Hewitt



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