Old Movie

I decided to start heading "Old Movie," in which I will talk about those whose names are known only to the most refined connoisseurs of classical Hollywood and European cinema. I was inspired by old black and white photos that can be viewed for hours such beautiful facial features, large eyes, velvety skin I have not met none of the modern woman, perhaps. Both men were once real (even pretending - playing the role).

And further. We should not neglect the old movie! This subtle humor and brilliant games meet in a very rare contemporary film. And the actors portray the love! I would like to get ink and cry.

So, Joan Crawford - (March 23, 1905 - May 10, 1977). She nesomenno, beautiful. Her hard look - these usually play complete bitch and serdtseedok. And in real life, too.

It's a shame, but critics called the film, which starred Joan "second-rate" and "frivolous." But the actress still took its toll on the film - the "Oscar" for best actress.

It all started sadly - as in any story about Cinderella. The girl's parents divorced before she was born. Lucille Lesyur (which is the real name of Crawford) raised by his mother, the family lived in poverty, and the girl had to look for jobs in different places (it was even the operator of the escalator at the supermarket!). She longed for more. A dream come true tend!

Girl trying his luck in Hollywood and almost immediately gets a role in "Beauty" and takes the pseudonym "Joan Crawford". In my opinion, Lucille Lesyur sounds great, but too soft, and Joan Crawford - forcefully and firmly.

Joan highly successful co-starred in several films as a silent movie ... disappeared. Many famous actors have lost their jobs. But Crawford ovezlo! She was a strong beautiful voice. Life went on.

In 1945, the actress received the "Oscar" for the film "Mildred PierceĀ».

Joan was married five times!

Among the films which starred Joan were: "Grand Hotel" (1932), "Sadie McKee" (1934), "only without ladies' (1935) and" Love on the run "(1936). Look, you will not regret!

Joan personally responded to every fan letter, sent his aftograf and thanked.

The actress was a mania of cleanliness, which comes to the absurd: she went to the guests with a cloth around the house and wiped the places to which they relate; hotels sobstvenoruchno cleaned the bath before taking it ...

The actress died of cancer, and then her adopted daughter published a book, "Dear Mom," which describes a rather unflattering image of the actress.


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