Group Hurts

I love these guys! I can definitely say that the duo Hurts not a bit like a pop star of last years, which alone makes that shocking the audience, but the essence of music to forget completely (I will not speak for all the pop-Stars, but most really engaged Only stupid PR).

It hurts like came from the distant '80s, and their music - an echo of the past in a new form. At the moment, the group is one of my favorites because of the composition Hurts make shivers run through the body. Although I express myself quite abstract, but I sincerely in love with their music (especially nice to listen to it alone and in complete darkness).

About group Hurts, led by lead singer Theo Hutchcraft (25 years) and composer Adam Anderson (27 years), I, like many others, found out only after the emergence of the single Wonderful Life, which blew all the radio stations. The video for the song has also achieved considerable success - on November 14, 2010 Video has collected more than 20 million views on YouTube (and this despite the fact that it was filmed in just a few hours and he had spent 20 euros). Do you remember this song?

Wonderful Life for 20 euros

And expensive

The story of a group Hurts very confusing, but one thing is clear - Theo and Adam met in the musical views. Initially, they were not a duo, and played in the group Bureau, which was later renamed the Daggers, and then simply fell apart. Friends who know that music - it is their life, do not want to lose their potential and formed a band with a memorable name Hurts.

To get acquainted with the band Hurts suggest to get acquainted with the answers to the 20 questions that were asked Theo and Adam in an interview (2010). The questions mainly responsible soloist Teo, who in my opinion simply magical voice.

1) What is your favorite era?
2) Who is the most-babe with a poster?
Monica Bellucci ...
3) Style or substance? (Philosophical question)
Brimming with style.

4) What does get shameful pleasure?
California Girls by Katy Perry.
5) If you could have super powers, what would it be?
6) What is the best job you had?
Lawnmower in the cemetery.

7) What is the worst job you had?
Working in a supermarket.
8) Mac or PC?
9) What was the last music you bought?
The Drums - The Drums.

10) If you could choose anyone in the world for cooperation, who would it be?
Phil Spector.
11) Favorite movie?
Wild At Heart (Wild at Heart).

12) or e-book?
Ordinary books.
13) Who would you go on a date: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Cheryl Cole?
With Gaga, of course.

14) The most favorite clip?
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker.
15) Would you rather nedoodelis or vice versa put on more?
Would put more! As always.
16) What is the craziest thing you have done for the fans?
Someone bought us of two parrots. In a cage. We had to give them to the pet store! Because we did not know what to do with them!

17) Describe yourself in 3 words.
Up and down.
18) What is one thing without which you can not live?
White shirt.

19) What's your favorite color?

20) What alcohol do you prefer?
They are very different, but together they make a great music. It is a pity that so far they have only one album ... but I think that the new is not far off.

Finally, the song. Where do without them?

Clips Hurts:


Blood, Tears & Gold

Better Than Love

Live performances Hurts:

Confide In Me (Kylie Minogue Cover)


Wonderful Life


And a couple of tracks, so to speak for a snack ...


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