5 myths about vision.

Myth number 1 "If you sit very close to the TV, you will impair vision»

Evidence that sitting close to the TV man spoil vision, no. Sitting where you are most comfortable to sit on. The eyes may get tired of long sitting close to the TV if the room is poorly lit, or if the screen is fuzzy image.

Myth number 2 "Reading in the dark spoils vision»

As well as sitting close to the TV, reading in the dark can cause the eyes get tired, but it can not hurt your vision as a whole.

Myth number 3 "Wearing ill-fitting glasses interferes with vision»

In fact, for good vision goggles need to be correctly matched. But incorrect glasses do not make your vision worse.

Myth number 4 "If you wear sunglasses, then you can safely view to watch the sun»

Ultraviolet rays from the sun will still get you in the eye, damaging the cornea, lens and retina. Thus, what you look at the sun, can be not only cause headaches and eye pain time, but also serve as a severe eye injury. Never consider a solar eclipse. Direct sunlight may be less than a minute blind man.

Myth number 5 "Eating carrots improves vision»

The fact that in carrots in large numbers contains vitamin A, which is necessary for good vision - it's true. But it should be consumed in moderation, because eating large amounts of vitamin A and other vitamins can be very harmful.


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