7 budget ways to look expensive.

So, for those aiming high:
1. Art est celare artem!
Ancient wisdom says: artfully conceal art! Be adept at honing his style, but strictly to hide from others that perfection is achieved at the cost of a lot of work.

Never wear "labels out." Logos - -attributika posers. Patricia - other unspoken signs of belonging to an elite caste. In some circles - a sleek hairstyle and a quilted jacket. Carefully study the society, which seek to enter.

3. denies everything!
Do not advertise the high cost of things. Remember, vulgar show off financial issues nouveau riche and the poor. After another million no need to assert themselves at the expense of clothes, the temptation to "conspicuous consumption" is already long gone.

4. Marked invisibility
Let your clothes will be the epitome of restraint and minimalism. There is always a way to signify status indirectly. Have two dozen white shirts, and only subtle nuances will be enough for a smart look.

5. "new money"? No, the "old money"!
Your clothes just do not have the right to look outrageously new shoes squeak and rub the feet, and the hair be "svezheostrizhennoy and freshly painted." After all, the taste and the money came to you yesterday? Gradually you get rid of discouraging compliments: "Oh, dear, you have a new blouse!" And "Oh, Simon, are you a haircut!".

6. Virtuoso ease
The secret of chic - like casual, careless Details: accident rasstegnuvshayasya buttons of his waistcoat, shirt snub gate. It's - well-deserved degree of freedom. Today, you can hardly find a millionaire to diligently traditional costume - it is now a uniform hired manager and a cheap version - driver and bodyguard.

7. Luxury re-look
Realize it. And always be ready to re-close look at you, he will - inevitably follow.


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