Mackenzie Foy.

Since I went to the debate on the legality of the use of (so to speak) of images of children in the world of high fashion, let's look at the situation from the other side. I totally agree with what crumbs Tila Blondeau (of which there must not be operated in a manner sevsualnoy adult woman. Yes, it's beautiful, yes, shocking, but at the same time it is disgusting - when a little girl who should be playing with dolls, positioned as a temptress. For example, what in my opinion is valid, let me introduce Mackenzie Foy - coeval Tila Blondeau, also removed for photo shoots in glossy magazines. But who's to say that she does it as well as Tila - throw the first stone at me.

Mackenzie, as well as Tila started modeling in 2004. The girl was the face of the children's collections of fashion brands. like Guess, GAP, Garnet Hill. Mackenzie also from childhood starred in advertising

You can see in these pictures is something perverse? IMHO - this should be the children's fashion, and not what vytvorili creators Vogue with Tila

Mackenzie Foy was five years old was shot in the movie. The directors knew that if the plot is needed angelically beautiful child, and yet obedient and nekapriznaya actress - you need to contact managers Foy.

From bit parts McKenzie gradually becomes more serious. Young model very lucky - she was chosen for the role of Renesmee (daughter of Edward and Bella) in the fourth and final part of the saga "Twilight". Agree, it's definitely something there on the screen Mom and Dad)

I am very sympathetic to the baby, as well as Tila Blondeau. I hope the parents of these children and the parents of other young models will be wise enough not to make his fantasies of pedophiles krovinok facilities ...


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