What grown 15 actors who played famous characters in childhood

Sixty two million six hundred forty five thousand one hundred thirty seven

In the movies, where the heroes show at different ages, specialists in casting trying to find the most similar characters to the role of the hero in childhood, in old age.

We Site out of curiosity I decided to compare how similar to the adult characters were the actors who played them in childhood.

The Terminator, John Connor Edward Furlong, Jason Clarke

Fifty eight million nine hundred four thousand three hundred forty three

Three million two hundred forty one thousand two hundred eighty six

"The Aviator", Howard Hughes Jacob Davich, Leonardo DiCaprio

Ninety two million five hundred eighty two thousand four hundred ninety three

Eleven million seven hundred thirty one thousand one hundred fifty four

"Amelie", Amelie Flora Guia, Audrey Tautou

Seventy million six hundred three thousand one hundred eighty five

Ninety five million fifty nine thousand six hundred nineteen

"The curious case of Benjamin Button", Benjamin Spencer Daniels, brad pitt

Two million four hundred eleven thousand two hundred ninety four

Thirty million nine hundred forty one thousand six hundred twenty nine

"Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black pearl" Elizabeth Swann Lucinda Dryzek, keira Knightley

Fourteen million seven hundred sixty five thousand three hundred forty one

Sixty seven million one hundred four thousand fifty one

"Mr. Nobody" Nemo (15 years) Toby Regbo, Jared Leto

Sixty nine million four hundred forty four thousand nine hundred sixty nine

Ten million three hundred fifty eight thousand six hundred forty six

"Mr. Nobody" Nemo (9 years) Thomas Byrne, Jared Leto

Forty five million one hundred fifty three thousand nine hundred four

Twenty two million seven hundred fifty one thousand nine hundred twenty

"13 going on 30", Jenna rink Christa Brittany Allen, Jennifer garner

Forty four million nine hundred thirty three thousand one hundred seventy two

Fifty million three hundred fifty nine thousand fifty nine

"Blast from the past", Adam Webber Douglas Smith, Brendan Fraser

Sixty five million seven hundred fifty one thousand three hundred eight

One million five hundred seventy seven thousand five

"Jane Eyre", Jane, Amelia Clarkson, MIA Wasikowska

Twelve million fifty eight thousand four hundred ninety three

Eighty five million one hundred seventy five thousand five hundred twenty nine

"The butterfly effect", Evan Treborn John Patrick Amedori, Ashton Kutcher

Fifty three million three hundred fifty two thousand one hundred forty six

Seventy seven million four hundred seventy four thousand twenty eight

"Interstellar" Murph Mackenzie Foy, Jessica Chastain

Twenty seven million five hundred ninety three thousand one hundred forty seven

Sixty nine million sixty eight thousand nine hundred twenty two

"Harry Potter", Tom Redl Christian Coulson, Ralph Fiennes

Fifty six million nine hundred seventeen thousand six hundred twenty six

Fifty nine million eighty nine thousand six hundred seventy six

"Forrest Gump", Forrest Michael Conner Humphrey, Tom Hanks

Seventy eight million sixty six thousand one hundred ninety three

Ninety million one hundred sixty seven thousand nine hundred thirty six

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