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Choose 10 applicants for a better knowledge of the fasting month was a problem, so they had to oscillate between two paradigms. The first: "O God, the author probably wrote this for six months, so much work invested." The second: "Wow, it's so interesting ... but the whole interest in the pictures, which can be collected within 20 minutes."

That is, yes, it is logical to choose the positions regardless of how much work invested in them, but on the other hand deny inconvenient chances of those who invested a lot of time and effort. Dilemma. I tried to find a middle ground, and ultimately selected the following 10 posts:

Scarlett Johansson and the "victim" of its polygamy - Oliko interesting and beautifully told in detail about the relationship of Scarlett with her men, thus raising the question of the existence dissolute nature have seemingly humble girl. And probably a good thing that a home Nude pictures (1, 2 - DO NOT OPEN) has emerged pooosle publication.

Revived photos - is just the case when a post is written quickly, but on the other hand this pioneering photographer still had to somehow, somewhere, to catch, to put to the wall and force them to give their creations.


Isabelle Stromberg - "mother" of all Internet goddesses - no, no, no, I understand. Isabelle Stromberg bad, bad, very bad girl. But that there is at least cause the discussion, which is lacking.


Images for all occasions - summer_death make a selection of images into a series of events in the life of every girl. I mean, not only wrote the text, but also to create those same images on polyvore.com (... and this is good news). I, as I can remember, she begged for a photo with the exhaust, but she chose to restrict only one way (... and that's bad news).


Photos that Shook the World (Part 3) - Alenka_S had created much of the volume 4 about "photos that shocked the world," but it is best to registered participants noted the third part, which eventually became the highest rating a post on the site. Well, this is a sin not to nominate.


Mireille Darc, "Big grasshopper" - but this post, on the contrary, obscenities estimated passing by. I have a pair of Miley Darc and Alain Delon seemed interesting. In addition:

"How many times, I remember waking up in the middle of the sweltering Roman night, I sat down on the bed, cross-legged, and in the yellow glow of street lamps for a long time admired person Alena, long eyelashes, chiseled profile»
Well, Elkin cat, I, too, want to wake up in the middle of the night and enjoy the Roman long eyelashes Alain Delon.


Forbidden Love - Hard_Candy told another love-story, with a touch of glamor blyadinki. Second time to witness the couple do not want to, but I think most of the readers of its existence just heard for the first time.


That hides a kilt? - Sashache wrote sometimes ironic and very voluminous post about a man's attire as a kilt. And surprisingly, one of the most voluminous posts on the site ... umm, did not respond to the question raised in the title.

"You did not miss a single skirt" - penalty frivolous father's daughter.

My verse novel, with Robert Pattinson - kaverza verses tell of the days that she passed under the sign of zucchini. Probably, it is difficult to be Robert Pattinson. Today, everyone loves you, and tomorrow you wake up, like all still young and beautiful, but yesterday's schoolgirls talk about you in the past tense. Robert Pattinson's about as boy band. While on the other hand, DiCaprio was probably the same story 13 years ago. He somehow got out?

... I can say with sadness,
that my passion has faded,
and that he may no longer carry the snowstorm,
I better keep quiet, and so everything is clear ...
... On the photo I look with indifference,
I do not see charms, do not feel ecstatic,
Video movement does not catch,
probably cured infection

Tavi Gevinson: young genius or a PR product - very cute freak fashion. Frick in a good way.


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