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In recent years, many positions have begun to affect sexual minorities. Very many of those who are only going to go to Thailand already heard about that in Thailand there are so-called "third sex" - Kato or as they are called lediboi. Many tourists come here in order to see this "wonder" that Thailand has long been the norm. Many of them were oddly very difficult to distinguish from the girls. Transsexuals in Thailand are very, very much. They have long since ceased to be a miracle, got used to them, they consider them an integral part of life.

None of the Thais is not surprised seeing brightly painted high "girl." To convince the Thai people from the very beginning were four, not two sexes: male, female, men, like women and women like men.

In Thailand, since the birth of the child does not clog the head of accurate knowledge about who he was - a girl or boy. And if the child feels like a girl, but the structure of his body is not true, that from an early age he is allowed to use hormones or just look like he wants. These children are considered to be fully developed, because they combine two elements at once.

It happens that the Thai effeminate boys are free to decide to become a girl, and the parents are not particularly prevent this kind of self-determination of their sons. However, it happens that the boys take decisions for others. In poor villages regularly travel agents who look out for the boys of six or seven, with pleasant features. Since the family of Thai villages, many children, a boy often just sell and the money to the rest of the family lives. The selected children were placed in boarding school. And they begin to "work." Boys are taught how to be good girls. They were then starts taking hormones to accept that they have until the end of his days. In adolescence, children begin to reshape the plastic surgeons: make it the most feminine and attractive features, ribs removed (to waist was thinner), adjust the teeth. If using hormone therapy fails to achieve the desired breast size, injected silicone

The most beautiful transsexuals sent to Western Europe or in the Thai elite brothels.

Beautiful lediboev can also be seen in the colorful show.

Many transgender people working in the shops, cafes, bars and beauty salons.

And more recently in Thailand, they began to take the flight attendants. So far as is known, no airline in the world took on the job of transsexuals.

Also annually held a beauty contest for lediboev - Miss Tiffany Universe, OH has been held for nearly twenty years

Enough lediboev among celebrities. That's like a Thai actress and model Nong Poy

Thai boxing instructor Nong Tum

Another model and actress Cindy Thai Tai

And now the bad news ((transsexuals live on average 40 years before, at the same time developing into something miserable, after all hormones and other drugs do their thing


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