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Andy Warhol cult figure - a storehouse of undiscovered secrets and mysteries. Throughout his life, the artist has lived 58 years, he deliberately confused the journalists and other media workers, calling different dates and places of their own birth. He did not want to recognize their true origin, and called the place of his birth and later in life Hollywood. He worked and worked well, working with the most renowned celebrities and creating the most colorful and interesting works in the spirit of pop art. This man knows all over the world not only as an artist but also as a producer, designer, writer, collector, publisher of magazines, film director and an incredibly intelligent man, quotes which you can re-read day long. Andy Warhol knew that is a life and can tell us a lot today. Together with Warhol quotations suggest taking a look at his work that will be useful to those who are already familiar with his work, and those who only learns of this artist.

Beautiful women are late more often than plain. They are all forgiven. Still, they live in a particular time zone.

Beautiful people tend to be more inclined to make others wait than usual, because between the beautiful and the usual - a huge time difference. In addition, the beautiful well known that the other willingly wait, so they do not panic when the late, late, and this even more. When they finally arrive at the place, they already have a sense of guilt, they want to compensate for their tardiness pleasant manners and a pleasant treatment makes them even more beautiful. This is a classic syndrome.

So clean. So cold. I think about nothing. After all, nothing - it's always fashionable. Always stylish. Nothing - absolutely, in the end - this is the opposite of emptiness.

Being born is like being kidnapped and then sold into slavery.

A person may laugh or cry. Whenever you cry, you could laugh, the choice is yours.

Problems in humans occur mostly on the imagination. If you have not had a fantasy, you did not have used the problems because you have to take life as it is. But then you did not there would be a romantic and love, because romantic love - is when you have found your dream embodied in who and next to it was not.

I believe in the dim lights and curved mirrors. Each relies as much light as it needs to look good.

Being famous has good because opening any magazine, you know all about whom they write. Page after page, entirely familiar faces.

If a person is not considered beautiful, it can still be a success if it has a few jokes in his pocket. And a lot of pockets.

Love can be bought and sold. One of the superstars, which at that time was not yet such, crying every time someone she loved, drove her out of her apartment, and I always told her: "Do not worry. Have you ever become a very famous and you can buy it. " And so it happened, and now she is very happy.

As soon as you stop to want something, it goes to the very hands. My experience shows - it is an absolute axiom.

I do not see anything abnormal in solitude, I feel good one. People are greatly exaggerated love, it is not so important. The same applies to life - its value people are also exaggerated.

I do not see anything wrong with being alone. I love it. People are so worn from their private, personal love. But it should not be given so much importance. It is the same with life - people are too much worn, and with the idea of ​​being their own. And yet - that the individual love that individual existence - two concepts which Eastern sages do not think.

The biggest price we pay for love - the permanent presence of someone next to you, and in fact much better to be alone ...

Everyone has their own idea of ​​love. One of my girl friend said, "I knew he loved me, he did not finish in my mouth».

Day after day I look in the mirror, and each time did anything and see: one spot, for example. If you lost the top spot on the right cheek, pop up a new bottom on the left, on the cheek, near the ear, on the tip of the nose, including hairs in the eyebrows, the nose, between the eyes exactly. Perhaps this same spot moves from place to place.

When I was working on a self-portrait, it is not painted a single pimple, because that is exactly what should do. Acne - a temporary phenomenon, they have nothing to do with how you really look. Always lower flaws - they have no place on a good picture, which you have in mind.

Nowadays, even if you cheat, you will still be considered. You can write books, speak on television to give interviews - you're a big celebrity, and no one looks down on you because you are a crook. You're still on top. This is because the people more than anything else, need stars.

When people learned about sex at fifteen years, and died at thirty-five, they obviously have fewer problems than my contemporaries, who learn about sex in eight years and live to be eighty. It's too long to intrigue with the same idea ...

Beauty depends strongly on how it is filed. When you contemplate "beauty", all matters where this is happening, what people wore, who is next to him, from what is the room he comes down the stairs.

Sometimes people allow the same problem for years to spoil their lives, and yet they can simply say, "So what." This is one of my favorite expressions: "So what?" "My mother did not love me." So what. "My husband does not want me." So what. "I did well, but still lonely." So what. I do not know how I managed to survive in the years when I have not yet learned this wisdom. It took me a long time to grasp it, but when I learned to think so, it remained with me forever. What causes a person to spend time on the sadness, when he can be happy?

I think about the people who are considered to have no problem who get married, live and die, in which all was well. I do not have such friends. All my friends are always some problems though and small - for example, faulty tank and the toilet water is not drained.

I wake up each morning. I opened my eyes and think, again, all over again.

When I look in the mirror, I know exactly what I see myself not as others see me ... because I look at myself the way I want to.

In fact, the "beautiful" I'm not so attracted. More talkative ... I like talkative people doing something. Beautiful - something are. This is not necessarily bad, just I do not understand exactly what they are.

Very little is beautiful and talkative, but some come across.

I always thought that when people turn on the street, to see someone go, it's because they smelled a smell coming from a passerby that is what makes the turn.

Jewellery does not make a person more beautiful, but make it feel more beautiful.

Most of all I love the simple exterior trim. If I did not want to look "bad", I would like to look "easy." That would be my next choice in the order.

Day life - it's like a TV program for the whole day. Television never leaves the air: how to turn on in the morning - so for the whole day, that's me too. By the end of the day all day turns into a movie. The movie, filmed for television.

Every day - a new day. Because I can not remember what happened yesterday.

Love and sex can coexist is like sex without love and love without sex. But separate love and sex separately - it's not good.

The best love - a love that does not think about "it." Some may have sex and they do manage to empty your mind and fill it with sex; others can never let your mind go blank and fill with sex, so when they have sex, they think, "Is this really me? Am I really doing this? It is very strange. Five minutes ago, I did not. And after a while I will not do it. What would my mother say? Who has invented it? »

It seemed to me that the problems of the elderly easier to handle than the problems of the young. So I decided to turn gray, so that no one knew how old I was, and to look younger in the eyes of others.

When you have gray hair, your every move seems to be "young" and "vigorous" and not considered a sign of normal activity. Do you like there is a new talent.

When you see a man on the street, he may well be an aura. But is it worth it to open his mouth, the aura, as had happened. It must be "aura" there until the person is silent.

Funny People - the only people who are interesting to me, because if a man is not nothing funny about it, I get bored with it. But if you are mainly attracted to people of their ridiculous features, it faces a problem because being funny does not mean to be sexy. So in the end, when approaching the moment of truth, it turns out that you are not so fascinated by and can not "do it».

When you want to be like that, it means that you really like. When you want to be like a rock, you really like this rock. I like the plastic doll idols.

I fascinate people with a pleasant smile. One is forced to wonder what makes them so beautiful smile.

Each person in a certain period of life in its own way beautiful. More or less. Sometimes people are beautiful in early childhood, but when they grow up losing the beauty, and then again become beautiful, closer to old age. Or fat people can be beautiful person. Or they may have bowed legs and a beautiful torso. You can be the first-class beauty and not have breasts. And you can be a real handsome with a little you know what.

I never really wanted to make a film just about sex. If I wanted to stay in a really sexy movie, I would have took off like a flower produces a different flower. And the best love story - just two parrot in a cage.

I always think about the people who built the building, and then die, and they are no more in the world. Or, for example, the film shows the crowd, and in the lives of all these people long dead. It scares.

Beauties in photographs are different from beauties in the flesh. It must be hard to be a model because I want to look like their own pictures, but it's impossible.


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