Simple mystical paintings by Andy Kehoe (Andy Kehoe)

This American artist - very original and funny person. In his biography, there are four totally unrelated stories, each of which tells us who is this Andy Kehoe (Andy Kehoe) and that he is is.

In the first story, we learn that Andy is the son of the sea pirate. His father, moments before death thrown on board a merchant ship that delivered Andy to one of the Galapagos Islands. Since the boy was completely naked, this has led to panic grew into a riot on a cruise ship that picked him up. Another story tells us that Mr. Kehoe lived a long time in the wilderness of Romania, where the babies drank the blood of goats and occasionally ate lamb with potatoes. Then, there was also the story of Andy stunt, shoot with the motorcycle at a speed of 140 km / h from two combat pistol at the director of the film. In general, this spooky visionary Andy. Which is confirmed by his drawings.


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