Fox stories in pictures

Not for nothing in folk tales the fox is always presented to us in the form of the most cunning and quirky. This means that the trick in this animal lies at the genetic level, and defeat this beast, the same tales, not everyone succeeded.

In reality, the foxes are as different as we are. They are tough, gentle, sociable and nelyudlisimy. In general, we like places. We offer you made-up stories of fox life, based on the selected pictures.

They know love.

And not only love :)

Foxes also love cars.

They do not like, as we do on Monday.

They smile, even when you feel absolutely lousy.

Engaged in contact sports.

Since childhood, try to taste everything.

Love the variety of food.

They love to travel.

Sometimes mistaken and too self-confident.

They know how to listen :)

We are ready for a constructive dialogue.

Do not stop there, and try to learn something new.

Is it okay to break the rules and have a sleep in the afternoon at the weekend.

Can fly in a dream.

They know what a meme, and like to use them (see photo - feyspalm).

Females love flowers.

Enjoy every minute of free time.


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