History in pictures. Part-4

History in pictures - this is no interconnected events unusual and funny incidents from the lives of ordinary people. I I unite them in one collection of tricks in order to make it more interesting to watch. This is the fourth part of the fun stories in pictures, so if you have not seen the previous fun - be sure to check them at the end of compilation in similar news. :)

Failed marriage proposal. And all well began ...

A strange friendship.

News SMI2

Why a woman rider. Now it is clear. :)

Very strange love couple decided pokreativit.

Until then it brings the fanaticism of various computer games. Fans of the game Skyrim made bacon hat, as in a game.

Weather - something unpredictable, so before you leave the vehicle, always close the windows and hatches.

A man grows.

At first glance - a perfectly ordinary cute girl. The truth is in great demand among the boys. Something in it is special. :)

Progress and St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. The election of the Pope in 2005 and 2013.

Three girls at the same time jumped into the stadium in Omaha, United States, during the World Cup of baseball among colleges. Two of them ran to deflect attention. The third ran to the phone and switched on the front camera, taking your most important in the life of the roller. Roller-long 6 seconds to Vine. She had him removed and send. Shortly before the march into the stadium, she wrote in her Twitter that the advance is looking for sponsors to pay a fine of $ 1,500.

Very strange door. This is - the entrance to the Orel branch of "Tsentrlifta┬╗.

I went a little man in his car along with his dog. Ok so we went even great ... Until something caught the dog by the window and she started barking like a bad and jump all over the car. Another leap dogs led to loss of vehicle control, followed by driving off the road. All anything, but the car was loaded nehily amount of paint (just bought at the store). Rescuers arrived almost have died with laughter when they saw the driver and his pet. Driver with light injuries were taken to the ambulance. The dog, sensing his share of the blame for what happened, even change color and quietly sat quietly beside the car, his head bowed. Awesome man's best friend. :)

The girl blogger from China invented an excellent remedy for molestation and rape. Tights, imitating the thick and long hair on the feet! Lass of England decided to test them in the field, to test on humans. The test exceeded all expectations. It was found that shy away from it, not only bullies and coach in a rocking chair, but even other women and girls.

Source: kaifolog.ru


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