Record a self-portrait by Andy Warhol

Self-portrait by Andy Warhol sold at Sotheby's in New York for a record $ 32, 5 million. A preliminary assessment of the painting has been two to three times lower trading results. This work has become the most expensive work of Warhol, sold at auction. Self organizers of trading as one of the most outspoken of the artist, in which he "tried to show the inner self." This picture was painted in 1986, a year before the artist's death, in an atypical manner for Warhol. Total trading on the past of modern art Sotheby's has sold 50 of 53 lots put up totaling a little less than 190 million. Dollars. Another major purchase was the abstract painting by Mark Rothko sold for $ 31, 4 mln. At an estimated cost of $ 18-25 million. Portrait of saxophonist Jean-Michel Basquiat sold for $ 7, 25 Estimé $ 1 8- $ 2, 5 million. Another Warhol "Flowers", went at auction for $ 7, 6 million., beating a preliminary assessment of $ 5- $ 7 million. The painting of Jackson Pollock's "Number 12A: yellow, gray, black," sold for $ 8, 8 million. (appraisal - $ 4- $ 6 million .)


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