Self-portrait by Andy Warhol

famous self-portrait of the founder of Pop Art Andy Warhol, written in 1986 shortly before his sudden death, will be auctioned at Sotheby's in New York. This work is part of a series of self-portraits created by the artist in the sunset career. Self-portrait of Andy Warhol, which will be put up for auction, experts consider one of the most important paintings in the artist. Giant painting - its dimensions are 108 by 108 inches (2 × 75 2, 75 m) - represents a conflict between the public image of Andy Warhol and his inner attitude. Despite the increasing popularity and attention to the person of the artist, he remained closed and mysterious persona. The theme of internal and external contradictions of the artist spoke infrequently, although it considered it one of the most important. Trades of Modern Art is scheduled for May 12. The estimated cost of the web is 10-12 mln. Dollars.


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