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About Kurt Cobain - the leader of the group Nirvana - written by thousands, and perhaps millions of articles. His work, his personal life, his mysterious death at the age of 27 years do not give rest to many today. But now is not really want to delve into the details of his life, as most of us already knows what you need to know, and everything else you can study at your leisure day long. At the time, Kurt was named the "voice of a generation," but from various titles he denies all of his short life, as they weighed it and did not allow to do what he really wanted. In general, his views on life I like.

No one dies a virgin. Life is all poimeet ...

I love all - that sad
All my life I believed those things which are written in the history books, and most of what I was taught in school. But now, I conclude that it is not right to judge about someone based only on what I read in books. I do not have the right to judge anything. That is the lesson I learned ...
Life - this is what you're building, it's your crossword

Until then, until I was 9 years old, I was firmly convinced that I would become a rock star or an astronaut or president ...
Wanting to be someone else - is the loss of self
Television Television - the most evil on the planet

Better to be gloomy dreamer than a mindless party-goer
I never craved neither fame nor anything like that. It so happened
Everything I do - it's internal, subconscious, because you can not rationalize spirituality

When I realized that I will not find a person like me, I just stopped to make friends with people
I'm so happy because today I found my friends - they're in my head
I'd rather hang out with losers now, sit with them to smoke than those who are crazy about baseball

I do not want anyone too close. I do not want anyone to know what I feel and what I think. And if you are not able to understand what it represents, I listened to my music, well, alas
What I sometimes change into women's clothing shows that I can be as feminine as I want. I am not gay, although I would like them to be, but for what would annoy homophobes

I'm tired of constantly pretend to be the good guy just to get along with others and to have friends. He wore a simple flannel shirt, chewing tobacco, and for many years to become a monk, a recluse in his little room. Eventually, I even began to forget what a normal communication with people
Each of us alone and together, we too are alone

Let them hate me for what I am, than loved for what I am not
I use pieces and particles of other individuals to form their own
I always felt like an outcast, and it could not bother me

Most of my texts are made of continuous controversy. I'll write a few sincere lines, and then start to fool around and taunt them
Punk rock should mean freedom, the desire to do what you like, take what you like, and play all you came into our heads and how God inspired me, and to play as much as you want, until it all turns bad and takes the soul.
I'm really glad that I have a lot of money. This gives me confidence. Also, I know that my child will grow in prosperity and will always be provided. It gives me a pleasant feeling.

Many are trying to live the lives of others. Their thoughts - other people's opinions, their lives - mimicry, their passion - quotes. The ability to quote the well-hide the lack of their own ideas
The worst crime is pretending

When I started taking heroin, I knew it would be so boring as smoking marijuana, but I could not stop, heroin has become like air!
All drugs - it's a waste of time. They destroy your memory, self-esteem ... all because of the pride ...

I never met a wise man, and if it happened, it was a woman
I'm walking and talking a bacterial infection ...
Every time I watch a television show about the dying children, I can not cry
If I go to jail, at least, will not have to sign autographs

I have a message to our fans. If you for some reason hate homosexuals, people of color and women, please do us a favor. Leave us alone. Yo Mama. Do not come to our shows and do not buy our records

I am not afraid of death. When you die, your soul lives on and becomes completely happy. Complete rest after death, rebirth in someone else - that's the best hope of my life ...
Live to the fullest, die young and leave a beautiful corpse ...


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