Asian Kate Moss

Many believe that the model due to its natural fragility and refinement - very vulnerable and delicate creatures, they are very easy to offend, upset. Although in fact, to become a successful model, you need to have an iron willpower to compete and cope with huge loads, for example, constantly dieting, be ready to irregular working day and so on. Not everyone is ready for the burden of fame, which often implies a rejection of the simple pleasures of life ... A striking example of this - the late top model Daul Kim, who is not with us for over two years ...

Daul (sometimes its name is pronounced as Dol) Kim was born on the last day of spring 1989 in Seoul. Modeling career, like most of the representatives of the profession, she started at a very tender age - 13 years. For 17 years she was one of the most famous models in their home countries, in South Korea. Daul twice appeared on the covers of South Korean Vogue - August 2007 and May 2008. In 2007, the European Daul stepped podium, having appeared at the Paris Fashion Week. Daul collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane and other well-known designers. In 2009 she signed a contract with an international modeling agency Next models

Daul called "Asian Kate Moss" and it could well become the new Naomi Campbell. However, the November 19, 2009 the fashion world was shocked by the terrible news - Daul found hanged in her private apartments in Paris. No suicide note she has not left that gave rise initially assumed that she was murdered. But later investigation inclined to suicide version. Shortly before his death Daul called his close friend and told her that she was very hard and she does not know how to live.

Later, having studied personal records Daul and its positions in the social networks, psychologists have come to the conclusion that Kim suffered a split personality. For example, in one of the posts related to another 2007, she wrote: "My life as Daul became so sad ... I want another world ..." and then she added to this post "I'm kidding! All right, I'm just tired ... "Shortly before his death, Kim once again quarreled with her boyfriend, as also told her friend. Perhaps this is a shock with a psychological disorder Daul pushed to suicide

The kingdom of heaven to you, Daul ...


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