Living Doll

Even if you do not suffer pediofobiey (fear of dolls), having met on the streets of San Francisco, a large living doll named Dakota Rose, you are very much surprised. The fact that this 20-year-old model is incredibly similar to the mannequin. Coming closer, of course, it becomes clear that it is a living man of flesh and blood, but her face and figure of the puppet so that at first it seems that it is true and Barbie. In this model, a lot of trash-fans around the world, and all because she learned to good use cosmetics and constantly dieting, making it thin, pretty and some unearthly.

Knowledgeable people say that in the pictures below is the fraction of Photoshop, but the girl says no "shop", and especially no plastic surgery was not in sight.

From a young age dreamed of becoming a famous Dakota. She did not care who she is - a singer, actress and model - the main thing for her was world fame. It has achieved its becoming a model, and by his image «baby-doll». After graduating from model schools Dakota starred for one of the glossy magazines and on it was showered with offers from designers and fashion designers. Now Rose is known in certain circles, but to the popularity of many other models it very far. But she did not give up and said that she had yet to come.

Still, before it was completely different ...

Dakota (left) with a friend:

Dakota before (left) and after (right):

Dakota was born in New York City. Her father - the director and his mother an actress and singer. Genes played a role in that Dakota wanted to become a creative person. In an interview, she said she did not want to be a podium model, as it is dull and uninteresting, but prefers to be a model of trash - vivid, funny and fun. In Japan, women with a similar image a lot, but in Europe rose almost the only one who has achieved such success.

But with such an image began her career ...

And to this way she came now ...


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