Coco Chanel

Chanel was a pioneer and an epoch in the fashion world. She dressed women in comfortable pants, taught them to be combined with women's clothing for men and create your own style - the famous elegant simplicity. As we all know, Chanel is the most prominent fashion designers of the 20th century.

In addition to a brilliant career in the life of Coco was a lot of romance novels. And none of them did not become something more serious. This does not mean that the proposal was not - there were sometimes very tempting. On one of them, which she did the Duke of Westminster, she with her usual directness said ironically:

In the light of full any duchesses, but only one Coco Chanel.
This phrase subsequently became famous, like many other great Mademoiselle.

Fashion passes, style remains.

Fashion - that's what goes out of fashion.

So what is the glory: loneliness.

After fifty are already count the days!

Everything is in our hands, so they can not be omitted.

Fashion, like the architecture - the question of proportions.

In order to be irreplaceable, you must change all the time.

Very expensive clothes ages.

Every woman has that age what deserves.

Short dresses are fashionable for longer than long.

Old age does not protect from love, but love protects against aging.

Women dressed in bright, it is hard to put in a bad mood.

To apply makeup? And where do you want me to kiss you?

True generosity is not to see the ingratitude.

He found time to deal with me and me to change every day.

There is a time to work, and there is a time to love. There is no other time does not remain.

I love when fashion goes out, but does not allow it to come out.

Beware of originality; in women's fashion originality can lead to a masquerade.

If you were born without wings, do not try to prevent it, if they suddenly you start to grow.

Your face in the twenty years given to you by nature; how it will be fifty, it depends on you.

The weak people tend hvastatsya benefits that can give them just in case.

In Saint-Laurent amazing taste. The more he imitates me, the best flavor he finds.

Adoration - that's science! Beauty - always a weapon! Humility - the flip side of elegance!

I do not know why women need all that there is in men. Because women, among other things, there are men.

If you are struck by the beauty of any woman, but you can not remember what she was wearing - so she was dressed perfectly.

For the love to pay in installments and for the most part, alas, when love has ended.


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