14 and 15 May


The personification of the jubilee 65 th Cannes Film Festival this year was the incomparable Marilyn Monroe, which will forever remain an eternal symbol of charm, mystery and seduction. The choice fell on the actress by chance, because It was in year 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of her death. Image with beautiful recently been deployed in Cannes.

"Each of her appearances on the screen was an event striking. The poster of the festival captured by photographer Marilyn in an informal atmosphere in an intimate, personal moment. This is a touching memory of the 50th anniversary of her death, which coincided with the anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival. The photo of Marilyn like promises seductive long kiss. Cannes Film Festival - a temple of glamor and Marilyn - its best incarnation. Their joint appearance symbolizes the ideal of simplicity and elegance »

In Slovakia, the first in the history of the state official tournament where riders battled in his ability to hold onto enraged bulls. The photo was captured when one of the participants of the competition struggling to tame the beast.


In France, a mass sprint, which began in the famous Millau bridge (highest bridge in the world). Some of the 13 500 runners have already hit the bridge, look at the world from a bird's flight and the run through this a highly reliable design.


In the Indian capital New Delhi was made the sentimental picture. The photo depicts a little boy, a refugee fleeing from the rain in a makeshift shelter. A refugee camp is located near the airport, so surely children suffer not only from the weather, but also from the terrible noise of airplanes ...


In New York, there is little room need in all forms of the word - there is more involved in technology. So the other day shuttle "Enterprise" before the upcoming NASA filmed the loading and shipment to the space museum was sealed by crafty photographers. The operation is not "top secret", and so you can take pictures.


A sixty-year anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II has become the most anticipated holiday not only for all Britons, but for all the riders of the world (including Russia, because our riders also took part in the event), because it is in the horse show 86-year-old queen and her 90-year-old husband Philip arrived May 14. I understand Elizabeth II's husband behind her.


Dutch hairdresser Vernert Hister was the second time as the best in the world. The photo of his unusual creation that the jury appreciated the highest scores in this year.


The news of the 49 slain bodies found on the highway in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, shocked the international community. At first, everyone thought that the way the proceedings have taken place Mexican drug dealers and their prespeshnikov, but as it turned out the people sent to the other world criminal group "Zeta", claimed responsibility for the massacre. It is not known if everything really.


Survivors of a plane crash in Nepal are transported for treatment in the nearby town of Pokhara, pogibsheh 15 people identified as close and native. If someone does not know, the plane crashed into a mountain in the Himalayas, trying to land at an airport in northern Nepal.


In Afghanistan, the Taliban decided to be photographed with the weapon, after he surrendered. And why is not clear ...



These days in Havana, an exhibition of contemporary art, in which students of the Higher Art University showed their shocking creation titled "Jesus against the universe." The gory special paint jackets and T-shirts they are crucified.


Spanish protests that took place on the anniversary of the movement "perturbed" (this movement was born in Spain), ran numerous arrests. Against that so vehemently indignant people easy to understand - power, power and again power that creates it pleases.


Tirelessly Motion Danish Crown Princess Mary during a visit to Seoul, South Korea came one of the museums, which exhibits a graceful porcelain creations come from Denmark. She has remained exactly ecstatic!


Paraguay noted the 201 anniversary of independence from Spain.


In Arizona, the forests burn. All these horrible things going on for several days, but is difficult to put out the fire.


Hand of a man more than a wolf's paw, but still weaker than we, anyway ... The picture was taken in Sweden, where people do not care about wildlife and its inhabitants.


Amateur picture of Indonesian tiger park. Animal kindly agreed to perpost this night photography :)


Gorgeous sunset! So you want to see something like that, but for this you need to go far, far away ...


Yesterday Wildlife Fund and the Department of Government Fillpin decision was made to environmental control Apo Reef, Mindoro:


Clear the stage in front of Nelson's Column in London Symphony Orchestra, playing on it. To look at it all and enjoy the music, it's a lot of people:


Palestinian women staged a fight with Israeli police, trying to at least this way to secure the release of their relatives arrested in Nakba Day.

Day of "Nakba" (Arabic. يوم النكبة «day of the catastrophe"), there is the Palestinian Arabs on May 15 the day after the founding of the State of Israel. Day of "Nakba" Palestinians first of all connected with the "expulsion and flight" around 700 000 Palestinians, with the loser of the Arab-Israeli war, and with the loss of their homeland and property.
There is no paradox in the fact that this day one of the bloodiest no.


Our players came out triumphant in the playoffs the World Cup. Uraaaaa, comrades! :)



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