Everyone already knows that Rihanna made her dreadlocks. This hairstyle was once traditionally considered a distinctive feature of hip-hopers and homeless people, somewhere in the late 90's became popular at one time and many stars have tried it on himself. On the artists-men like Lenny Kravitz, Lila Wayne or even Decl dreadlocks look quite so, but on the ladies' heads, I believe these "spider legs" as they are called by some, do not look in the best way. Especially do not go blonde dreadlocks. Brown and dark-skinned girls are still more or less. However, this is only my personal opinion and it does not claim to ultimate truth. Take a look at the famous actresses and singers, who at various times wore this hairstyle

Shakira at one time was long dreadlocks. Her pretty face they decorated

Whoopi Goldberg. Dreadlocks for many years are its hallmark. This, in my opinion, the only example, when a woman dreadlocks are more than ordinary, if I may say so, the hair

Lisa Bonet, wife of Jason Momoa, who himself, by the way, dredonosets. Lisa large typical mulatto features, and dreadlocks nice complement them. However, I think it would have gone afrokosichki more


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