The star of the series "Pretty Little Liars"

Shay Mitchell - the star of the series "Pretty Little Liars", with its exotic beauty and model looks. And if the first girl to get help on the TV, the second helps to brighten up everyday without shooting. To date, Shea 25 years old, she survived all his youthful turmoil, gained confidence and realized that she really likes to do.

By the way, a very curious appearance Shannon Mitchell (this is the name given to her at birth) - a product of the mixing of several nationalities - Filipino, Irish and Scottish. Shea was born in the city of Toronto (Canada) April 10, 1987. As a child, Shea seriously fond of dancing. And so mastered this art, which, together with a group of classmates toured the city, competing with many other dance schools.

In 10 years, Shannon began her modeling career. Through this work, Shannon traveled a lot and, of course, earn good money. More - more. Shannon has been not only a model but also an actress in the popular TV series "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and appeared in a television series ABC ¬ęCops" .But the real popularity came to her with the TV series "Pretty Little Liars" in 2010. With the advent of the popularity Mitchelll was invited to TV shows and transfer.

At Shea had a good relationship with all the main characters of the series. With Tro√ęsnes Shay can discuss anything and get good advice. Lucy Hale - just a nice, sweet person. And Ashley - cute, light-hearted younger sister, who had Shay ever had.

Shay now lives in Los Angeles. In addition to working on television, Shea interested in interior decor and cooking. But apart from that, Shay does not hide that there popularity and bad sides. What kind of girl does not speak. Perhaps this desire sometimes do not even think about how you look and what you write about.


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