Nonsense stars

Some stars are not different minds. And it is difficult to conceal regularly giving interviews)

Britney was asked if she wanted to take part in any Broadway production. "I'm not sure, I think is better to start with something small - London or England».

"I never wanted to go to Japan. Just because I do not like fish. And I know how it their popular out there in Africa »(!)

"I'm going to visit some overseas countries, such as Canada»

No Jessica Simpson, no such list is not exactly cost. A lot of things for her, she has not talked a such a long life:

"I'm not anorexic. I'm from Texas. Did people suffer from anorexia in Texas? I did not hear about these. This applies to me ».
We have to believe, Jessica, can you lose weight)

On the hair: "If I do not feel like somewhere to go, then I do not mine. Well, that is, I wait until they start to smell. "

"The relationship with a man to me is important not to get bored. I easily lose interest in the conversation if the subject is not particularly interesting, so I choose smart men, intellectuals, who do not give my brain relax. " No Comment it.

Like Jessica Simpson, Mischa Barton is a lover of smart men: "I like smart guys, because I also like to read magazines».

In the company to girlfriends blonde Paris Hilton is sent over the following pearl:

"Kabbalah helps to confront their fears. Well, it's as if someone from girlfriends take me some clothes and do not give it. A month later, I met her in that dress - then I'll be sure to oppose it ».

"I want a baby in the next year. I have already prepared for this his body ».

Quote Mariah - the leader in the hit parade of stupid statements. It even has not funny ...

"When I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can not hold back the tears. I would also like to be a lean, but not all of these sufferings, deaths and the like ».

Fox megahit "I will not regret the tattoo when we part. I'm always can call her son Brian - it's convenient ».

"I'm crazy about Zac Efron, we - one people. In fact, we are not here, we like Michael and Janet Jackson. If Zack wearing a wig and a dress, everything - it - it's me, and you do not know. This is one of the greatest mysteries of our time. "

When celebrities do not immediately come to mind something stupid, they are often inspired by the theme of death:

Brooke Shields: "Smoking kills. And if you are killed, you lose a very important part of his life ».

Celine Dion: "When your niece dies in your arms - it is the greatest gift of God».

Sylvester Stallone: ​​"The only happy actor - the actor is dead, because only then nelzyamenyatsya. After his death, I probably will brush ».

Funny quote Alicia Silverstone. Vidiomo, I wanted to say something clever, but the road had forgotten what:

"I think the film" No idea "very deep. I think he's deep in the sense that it is very easy. I think lightness has to icxodit from a very deep place if it's true lightness ».

Tom Cruise has revealed a great secret: "I love children. I even he was once a child ».

Personality Cap set - is Winona Ryder, said: "I feel best when I'm happy».

Linda Evangelista talks about beauty:

"It is God who made me so beautiful. If I had not been so, it would become a teacher ».

"I do not really watch their weight. I just do not eat all that I want ».


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