Dear babies

What should be done before the birth of stellar parents of the unborn child? Procure countless diapers, hire a qualified nurse (and preferably several) to equip a children's room ... and assign a price for the first photo of their son on the cover of the magazine. "The cost of" child star is determined by the easy way - the more popular the parents, the more "expensive" the child. So who of celebrities earned its Babe fortune?

Gwen Stefani has sold the rights to the first photo of her son Kingston magazine «OK!» In a relatively modest amount of only 575 thousand. Dollars.

Enterprising Britney Spears sister Jamie Lynn earned her baby photo 1 million. Dollars. This amount also included a frank interview with the girl, in which she admitted her pregnancy. Why the hype? The answer is obvious: firstly, the star relationship with the former pop princess, and secondly, at the time of acceptance of the scandalous girl just turned 17.

$ 1 million for a photo daughter Harlow Winter received and Nicole Richie. Initially socialite wanted to sell pictures magazine «OK!», But representatives of the publications considered inflated price for the photos and denied Nicole. However, the pictures of the newborn girl appeared on the cover of the magazine «People».

At 1.5 million. Dollars received for their children Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera.

Christina also to earn on her pregnancy, she appeared half-naked for the cover of «Marie Claire» two months before the birth.

Daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith Dennilinn appeared on the cover of the magazine «OK!» For 1.7 million. Dollars. The photo baby in the arms of Pope Larry Birkhead.

A little bit has not held up to three leaders of Matthew McConaughey - 3 million. Dollars for photos of newborn son Levi actor received from the magazine «OK!». In addition, the magazine has acquired the rights to publish the photos of the first Christmas Levy and photos from the wedding of Matthew and his wife Camilla Alves.

The next three leaders, which closes the first biological child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shiloh Nouvel baby. Girl has earned for its parent star than 4 million. Dollars. Half of the sum of the well-known philanthropists have listed on the account of charitable funds for the protection of children.

In second place the twins Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Jennifer herself has set the price for exclusive photos of their kids magazine «People» of 6 million. Dollars. And I get it! This amount exceeds the disastrous box office movie "Gigli" with Jane in the title role.

On the first record, which is unlikely someone will be able to beat in the coming years. 13 million. Dollars - the highest price that has ever received stellar parents are the first public photos of their lovely kids. And this, of course, the family of the twins Jolie-Pitt Vivienne and Knox. The kids, who is rumored to suffer from Down's syndrome, became the most "expensive" in the history of the children.

Some celebrities ask for photos of their kids are so modest by Hollywood standards, the amount that it did not make public. But that they are not little kids any worse "little millionaires».

Former «Scary Spice» Melanie Brown

Britney Spears

Brooke Shields

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards

Christina Applegate

Celine Dion

Marcia Cross

Melanie C

Kendra Wilkinson

Patrick Dempsey

Sandra Bullock

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Others stellar parents generally try not to show their babies as long as possible, but in doing so provoked by paparazzi on a constant hunt for them. Russell Crowe nine months hid her newborn son from the public, but the ubiquitous reporters still managed to get a baby photo that were sold for 250 thousand. Dollars.

Julia Roberts does not care about fashion sell pictures of their children in magazines and showed her third child on TV, on the Oprah Winfrey show. Apparently enough money from the sale of photos of his firstborn.


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