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Today I want to talk about the trend for all seasons - neon. That's really really a color that will look good in winter and summer. Neon goes out of fashion for two seasons - so he loved designers. The first outbreak of fashion neon was in the early 90s. Two decades have passed, and neon are back in fashion!

First of all fashion trends in general usage administered stars. Neon shoes, and things have become a hit among the stars!

Jennifer Lopez

Amber Rose

Kim Kardashian

Important in neon - do not overdo it. If properly combined with other neon colors, you get a very bright and fresh image.

Neon crept everywhere - nail polish, accessories, jewelry, clothing, shoes and even hair!

However, remember one remarkable saying: fashion - is an experiment! So do not be afraid to be provocative. Yes, all must know when to stop. But even without knowing it, you can look stylish. Look at these images. They are all of the neon of things, but look good.

Fashion for neon supported by many bloggers.


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