Haircuts of famous

Parting hair every girl going through in different ways, but in most cases it is accompanied by frustration, tears and indignation until the tantrum. Grow, grow, and then "bam" idee fixe - cut off all the hell grandmother - and purposefully because you go to the hairdresser hoping for the best ... Sometimes it's better comes as many girls short cut to the face. Example celebrities in this regard is very good, because sometimes they are able to transform even the most seemingly unsuccessful haircut into something interesting and beautiful. Easy to cut, but the right to present a short haircut given not every girl. It is necessary to learn more. I propose to look at the world renowned eksperimentatorsh who were not afraid to part with her hair.

One of the novelties - hairstyle Miley Cyrus. Fans girl just resigned to the fact that it dyed blonde and then a new surprise - short jagged haircut. Miley is young and when if not now to do such nonsense? Although the act of stupidity it is hardly because she did it for charity: her hair was sold at auction, and the money raised went to the treatment of children with cancer.

Anne Hathaway is not eager to part with hair, but "Les Miserables" it forced. The role has been and will certainly worthy of such sacrifices.

Michelle Williams, on the contrary, she wanted a haircut and did it, and at the same time changing the hair color. This haircut talking to her a lot more old blond curls with which she looked like a peasant.

Butch this English girl I was fascinated, but Emma Watson is now actively grows old luxury ...

Podstrigshis "a boy" Halle Berry is not lost their sexuality and beauty, even more than that - something acquired. Regular features the actress began to stand out even more.

Shorthaired Panneteri Hayden looks older, but it still a bean-to-face.

"Elfik" Ginnifer Goodwin.

Blond Renee Zelvegger not often pleases us change the image, but a short haircut for it is very simple, as well as to regulate their weight.

Stylists Carey Mulligan know how to style your hair. Placement is made by all the canons.

Not long held short-haired Vanessa Hudgens, but with a better haircut fans considered her a tattoo of a butterfly.

With this haircut Ashlee Simpson clearly score points and became even more stylish.

Branded "bald" Amber Rose.

Model Agyness Deyn and her version of a short hairstyle ...

Katy Perry, though not dramatically, but changed the length of hair, although like many of the girls for a while. It would not be building - we saw Cathy with this long-haired.

Rihanna is good in any way, but this "pot" it does not paint.

Evan Rachel Wood with a haircut considerably ennobled.

Oh, Victoria where are your stylish haircut? Elongated bob pixie, ultra ... short hair Victoria Beckham is very approached.

Custom version of Sarah Harding.

And another of Scarlett Johansson.

The usual hairstyle for Lily Allen - short hair and bangs to the side.

Natalie Portman shaved for the role in the movie «V for Vendetta." Though hair, though not, it is the beauty!

Sienna Miller.

Angelina Jolie.

Willow Smith.

And the timeless classics from Audrey Hepburn.


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