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We often walk on the foreign sites in search of interesting things for inspiration. This is - the list, but not the top favorite things VeV. So things are placed in randomly order.

Jeffrey Campbell Amazing, £ 90.00

Famous Jeffrey Campbell. Shoes on platform is now considered one of the most fashionable trends, some fashion designers and editors, and my friends are models of a shoe store. Personally, I still look to the most interesting option for a special love for them do not test. However, once I took a reproach shoes and put them with the dress - I knew that they were easier to all shoes in the world but still look chic.

Lazy Oaf, £ 12.00

For fans of American life and pizza.

Shwoodshop, $ 145.00

Wood sunglasses handmade stainless steel hinges and the basis of walnut, cherry, maple, etc. Perfect glasses for those who want to look fashionable, but do not act like a huge number of people with glasses with a white rim and cat-eye shapes.

Miniot Cover MK 2 for iPad2 and New, $ 87.00

Smart case for aypada Miniot Cover. Completely wooden, folded and completely unique - no two identical pieces of wood. However, you can make it even more unique, because the back of the creators offer to engrave all that your heart desires.

Self Made Co., $ 68.00

Home-cute bag as if stitched home village washerwoman or something else in the same romantic spirit. Made of pure cotton, it is easy, thanks to a simple design, very comfortable. Suitable for everyday wear, especially in the place of study - in fact to fit all.

Ink Blot Plates, £ 20.00

Plates as a Rorschach inkblot test. A wonderful gift to some other psychiatrist or student psih.faka. Yes, even you will be able to pass this test a plate. Look closely, you can see something else other than what is invested in the drawings designer?


Bilateral shorts. On the one hand - colorful, fun and summer. On the other - dark brown, more stringent and less beach. Beautiful and practical option.


You always forget something? It is necessary to call mom, dad, grandpa, but you do it again out of my head? It is necessary to drink tablets, but, oh-oh, you forgot? Now you have a "me-nots" in the form of rings! That is to forget you will not be. It is necessary to wear the ring with the required reminder.


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