Bilson Style

"All my life I was surrounded by amazing mods. I love clothes and dress up with since I was two years »
- Talks about his passion for fashion stylish 30-year-old actress. Rachel is not Alexa Chung and certainly not Olivia Palermo, but nevertheless, style, formed by it, many supporters. Especially those who are closely following her everyday images, which essentially can copy any girl. In the locker room, Rachel is not so much expensive things, but in an interview she admits that can not live without her collection of shoes and bags Chanel, as well as uneven breathing to clothes created by Stella McCartney.

Shoe connoisseur appears frequently in short boots on a continuous sole, which mixes with what you can. Here she found it necessary to put under the shoes (and, according to Bilson, it makes it so: to put on clothes for shoes) denim shorts and a plain white blouse. Came good walking onions.

Bilson is not a priori pencil skirts (due to the structure of the figure), but to give his businesslike way she wears elegant blouses.

Not to catch a cold in the cool fall weather take an example from Rachel. It perfectly combines stylish warm clothes: a coat a la ponchos and bright boots with fur.

Plus a few more interesting bows for fall ...

If Rachel is no time and mood to dress, she wears jeans-boyfriends, a simple striped T-shirt, which always looks good on skinny girls, ballet flats and fashionable glasses. In this case, the actress does not use the accessories, but when "the trumpet calls" this is not really necessary ...

And here is the Chanel handbag. Of course, with the dress she would look in a different way, but in a comfortable manner, it is more appropriate than, for example, in sports autfite.

Scarf from Louis Vuitton made this image. Without it, it would be well, really quite primitive ...

A good alternative to the cardigan in cool weather - blazer. It selects not only Bilson, but many other stars, for example, Kate Moss appears frequently in black blazers, and even this is British fashion has studied the length and breadth.

Who bow consecutive Rachel tucks jeans. I do not know what's the catch, but, probably, so she wants to show her beautiful shoes, jeans because of something it does not make out.

When the actress wears a dress they must be accompanied by a rough boots and a big bag. Game of contrasts is at its peak, are you going to meet with friends or on a date (although that latter regard, I think that Rachel, I would not dare to dress).

The image of a California girl ideal Bilson. Red refreshing denim shorts emphasize the beauty of the feet and sandals increase growth (growth Rachel 157 cm). Waist she is not worse than that of Candice Swanepoel, though Bilson says that eats everything that your heart desires and she's just a good body composition, and always available gym.

"You know what I hate? This is a general obsession with weight and how her body looks. I eat. I love to eat. And eat when hungry. If you feel that it is not in the form, go to the gym. But it should be done only for themselves »

Free cutting things a girl to your taste.

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