The most expensive pets

Many believe that to pay 500 bucks for a Yorkshire terrier or a piece of the cat breed Sphynx - unheard of squandering. However, there are pets much more expensive. This list includes zhivotinku, which include poor people as pets. Some would say that you can make at home, in principle, any creature, even the Altai Pallas cat, although Przewalski's horse, had the money, but on these animals in recent years, the fashion

10. Chinese crested dog. In China, considered a symbol of the welfare of its owner. Well still not considered if the value of purebred puppy starts from $ 3,000

9. The Japanese macaque. Yes, Russia is exotic, but it does not mean that the rest of the world they do not hold. To get hold of a home nyashki, which, incidentally, is listed in the Red Book, you need to pay $ 3,500 and to procure a special permit, which is also worth a lot

8. Savannah. Charming hybrid African serval predator and ordinary household Kitties. This Gulliver compared to conventional cat. If I had extra 5000 dollars, I did not hesitate to lay them out for this beauty!

7. Fish-dragon, she Arovana. If you want to have in your aquarium swam present fossil animal (Arovana appeared in the Jurassic period) to pay 5-6 thousand dollars for the fry, adult fish will cost three times more expensive

6. Hyacinth Macaw. Nobody can guarantee that he will learn to say "Kesha good" or "tail fool", but nevertheless stands as a normal budgetary cars - from 12 thousand USD However, such a pet long enough - Hyacinth Macaw live up to 90 years

5. albino tiger python. The usual python today few people are surprised, and a little white - is another matter. The length of a snake can exceed 8 meters and the price - 15 thousand dollars

4. Black Cockatoo. The impressive bird. Its beak is so strong and powerful that it can bite through metal wire thickness of 5 mm. The content of the black cockatoos will cost you a pretty penny: the most appropriate food for him - the dragon tree nuts, which, of course, is not sold in supermarkets. It should be black cockatoo more than 16 thousand "greenĀ»

3. Chimpanzee. Although the zoo this good, as they say, in bulk, buy obezyanenka "for himself" will cost - horrible to say - 65 thousand dollars! But as of then will delight you with its grimaces!

2. Bengal tiger albino. Moneybags quite insolent - normal Bengal tigers for them are no longer exotic, Give them a white tiger with blue eyes who is born a thousand ordinary individuals. The price of pleasure - 140 thousand dollars. By the way, even one such tiger became Ukrainian political trend - Tigryulya

And finally, there-tadam-tadam - meet the leader of the top. This goof, like Chewbacca, Tibetan mastiff, is worth more than half a million dollars


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