Paltrow Hairstyles

Today, actress Gwyneth Paltrow celebrates its 40th anniversary. And although her 40 Gwyneth continues to look stunningly young and fashionable. Throughout his acting career, Gwyneth became only more beautiful. As it was, from year to year, what images actress pleased their fans can be seen in this Postica.

When Gwyneth first appeared on the TV screen, the actress could not boast of any bright appearance, nor seductive style. And how things have changed over the next few years! This Gwyneth should learn! Paltrow literally "self-made" to become one of the most stylish and charming blondes modernity.

, 2000-2003:

Gwyneth able to be transformed, without resorting to drastic measures. True British restraint that lady in the blood.

2004. There Guinea 32 - and looks at 20. Perhaps the secret is not only well-groomed hair, but also in the titanic work, which the actress puts in its appearance.

2005-06. Gwyneth impresses with its delicate appearance. It seems that in front of you - the sweetest man in the world ....

2008. Shorthaired-bob Gwyneth has become an ultra - stylish.

Do not forget about packing and Gwyneth.

2010. Gwyneth looks like a young girl. Well, a few wrinkles around the eyes - this is nonsense.

Gwyneth is simply amazing with its freshness.

2011. 40 soon ... But Gwyneth is not reflected ...


Of course, the years take their toll. When Gwyneth is not "in full dress," her age anyway makes itself felt. But, apparently, the actress is not a bit complex about it. And this is such a rarity in Hollywood.

In general, Gwyneth always amazes us on the red carpet, again and again. Happy Birthday, Gwyneth!


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