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Actress of the series' Beverly Hills: 90210. New Generation "- Sheney Grimes engaged to her boyfriend - British male model and musician Josh Beacham. This good news she shared in a tweet. The couple have been together for 9 months and according to sources close to the young people, the wedding is planned for next year and will take place in England.



Megan Fox gave an interview to Daily Mirror, which described her life after the birth of his son Noah.


On the figure:
I scored only 10, 5 kilograms during pregnancy, and 5 of them are still with me. I'm not trying at all costs to return to the bygone forms - this is not my main priority at the moment. All I want now - is to be at home with her son.
The fact that she needs help:
I overestimated their capabilities. Having a baby - it's very difficult. I can not imagine how hard it is, we were just exhausted Brian. You do not sleep through the night, and your whole life is dedicated to this little creature that constantly needs you. I like it. I dreamed about this since childhood, when I played with dolls. The joy that I get from my career did not compare to the joy of motherhood. But two weeks ago, I told Brian that we need to hire a night nanny, otherwise we divorce or just kill each other.
On a more careful selection of roles:
Now, I'll be more careful. I already know how uncomfortable my son will feel when his school friends would show him my pictures in a bikini. Now I will reject some of the proposals that were previously accepted.
The fact that the wild days are behind us:
When I was 20 or so, I rebelled against the way I was raised. I did not think about faith or religion. But now, perhaps due to the fact that I had a family and children, this stage ended and I went back to basics.

Jessica Biel also talked about her family life magazine «Elle»


The fact that marriage is meant to her:
This means that now there is always someone who will open a jar of pickles. Someone with whom you can to share the ups and downs. Someone with whom you can experience the adventure. Someone with whom you can go swimming naked.
About what Justin at home:
He bakes pies. He is a true Southerner, and his grandmother had taught it. He knows how to make cakes and sandwich obsypnoy cake with blueberries, in that it is difficult to believe. Luckily it does not happen often, otherwise would be a serious problem.
On his plans for the future:
My goal now - to work with a good director. No matter it is the primary role or cameo. I want to work with someone who will make me get out of my comfort zone and do something that I had never done.
007: Coordinates "Skayfoll" became the highest grossing film in the history of the UK. For 40 days in a small home rental tape has collected 94,277,612 pounds. For comparison, "Avatar," James Cameron has collected in the UK for 200 thousand pounds less than 11 months (!). The producers of the film, of course, very pleased that it is the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film has been featured in such an impressive record.


Lindsay Lohan is rumored to have an affair with one of the members of the British boy band, «The Wanted» - Max George.


Following yet another arrest on November 26 in a nightclub, Lindsay appeared in public for the first time on December 5 concert Jingle Ball in Philadelphia. The photo Lindsay autographs backstage, where she was reportedly hanging out with members of The Wanted, which, incidentally, were present in the club on the night when a certain woman said that Lindsay hit her for that girl and arrested. This is not the first time the actress spotted at a concert of the group. In addition, it is reported that she even joined them on the tour bus and went with the guys in the next tour point - Boston.


December 4 finally took television broadcast epic show Victoria's secret fashion show, but the organizers have pleased fans of the brand backstage interview in which Miranda Kerr tried on the unusual role of the journalist and spoke with one of the artists performing at the show - Bruno Mars. In the video below you can see the failed attempts to learn the singer's wink, as the angels Victoria's secret, as well as a sudden the duo Bruno and Miranda, which turned out to be a child singing and playing the piano.

The singer is now touring the world promoting his new album «Unorthodox Jukebox», has already received excellent reviews. 6 December his speech broadcast BBC Radio 1. Bruno performed several new products, old hits, a song of his idol Jimi Hendrix, as well as an unexpected cover of a song from the Disney cartoon "The Little Mermaid" in 1989, which he knows by heart, because growing up with four sisters . This moment starts on the 12th minute :)

Bravo Channel took up TV adaptation of the famous film "Death Becomes Her" in 1992 with the release of Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep in the lead roles. The film is directed by Robert Zemeckis executive produced a new TV drama. No details about the casting yet.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt, may soon follow in the footsteps of George Clooney and Kevin Costner and has established itself not only as an excellent actor, but also as a director. The festival Sundance in 2013, the premiere of his first film - «Don Jon's Addiction». It is a dark comedy about a modern Don Juan suffering from sex addiction, which is trying to change his life. The film starring top stars such as Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore. The main role is played by Joseph himself.


The mania for "50 shades of gray," and did not think off. On Christmas Eve comes a board game for parties based on the book, hand in the creation of which the author of the novel has put itself - EL James. Do not worry - the game is rather innocent in nature, participants simply ask each other the most immodest questions of an intimate nature. However, anyone can buy a special, more frank, the application to the game.


At the end of the year, traditionally, began to emerge various ratings. I present to you the top five music albums of the year to the magazine TIME. Maybe you will discover something new.


1) Fiona Apple «The Idler Wheel Is Wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More than Ropes Will Ever Do»
2) Kendrick Lamar - «good kid, mAAd city»
3) Frank Ocean - «Channel Orange»
4) Dirty Projectors - «Swing Lo Magellan»
5) Getatchew Mekuria & the Ex & Friends - «Y'Anbessaw Tezeta»
Another rating, slightly more alternative slope, presented the British music magazine NME, published since 1952. The full list of 50 albums.


5) Alt-J - An Awesome Wave
4) Crystal Castles - (iii)
3) Frank Ocean - Channel Orange
2) Grimes - Visions
1) Tame Impala - Lonerism

Continuing the theme of music - was also announced the nominees for the Grammy. Leaders on the number of nominations - I wonder what they all have the same number of even - six - are Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, Kanye West, as well as the group The Black Keys, Mumford & Sons and fun. Among the disgruntled was manager of Justin Bieber, who was indignant tweet that guy so hard he worked, and his prodinamili and less popular artists who believe that the Grammys are looking only at the level of sales, rather than the music itself.


List of nominees in major categories:

Record of the Year:
The Black Keys - Lonely Boy
Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Does not Kill You)
Fun. Featuring Janelle Monáe - We Are Young
Gotye Featuring Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know
Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You
Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Song of the Year:
Ed Sheeran - The A Team
Miguel - Adorn
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
Kelly Clarkson -Stronger (What Does not Kill You)
Fun.- We Are Young

Album of the Year:
The Black Keys - El Camino
Fun. - Some nights
Mumford & Sons - Babel
Frank Ocean - Channel Orange
Jack White- Blunderbuss
Hugh Hefner still does not stop trying to find personal happiness. The famous Playboy again engaged to Crystal Harris is going to make her his lawful wife on New Year's night. This is the second attempt. In June 2011 she canceled the wedding 5 days before this joyful event. It is reported that this time the steam still resolve their problems.



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