10 most dangerous buildings of the world (10 photos)

1. Hanging Temple, China
Hanging Temple or Hanging Monastery is located on a cliff height of about 75 meters in the area of ​​Mount Heng in Shanxi Province. The structure was built during the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-557), and has a history of over 1,400 years.

2. Castle Lichtenstein, Germany

Liechtenstein Castle is located on a rock in the Swabian Alb, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, at an altitude of 817 meters. Historically there have an old castle, but it collapsed after damage during the war in 1311 and was rebuilt by Duke William Urach in 1840-1842 years.

3. Takasugi, Japan

Takasugi literally translates as "tea built too high." It is located in Nagano, Japan, on top of two chestnut trees. Architect Terunobo Fujimori designed and built this one-room structure for their own use.

4. Tower Astra, Germany

Built in the mid-13th century, this church tower in Hamburg, Germany has a spire height of 27, 43 meters, made of oak, which was added to the structure in 1450. Since then, the spire started to bend because of the humidity.

5. Sutyagin House, Russia


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