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Do you think that Justin Bieber is too much? Wait till next year it could be even more! Manager 18-year-old actor Scooter Braun, as well as a couple of American writers Matt Wolpert and Dan Nedivi set out to remove a comedy series about the hard life of Bibi. Tabloid TV Guide reports that the draft of the show has been created in the last year and hung somewhere in the annals of the Internet, but the development of this project has received just now. Scooter Braun plans to start shooting in 2013, and on the screens of the series is likely to be released in 2014. The plot will focus on the lives of Bieber to a crucial meeting with Asher, his relationships with family and friends, school, hobbies. Biography Justin creators are going to apply in the comedy vein (one can assume that something will turn out in the manner of "Lizzie McGuire" and "Hannah Montana»).

Give us more Bieber, good and different!
The main question - whether Bieber star in this project - is still open. Considering the frantic touring schedule of the young singer, it is unclear how it will appear in the series starring, it's still not a cameo or supporting role. On the other hand, are not present in the role of Bieber Bieber difficult - because he is not old school star, which is time to shoot a biopic. Personally, I still would not be watching this creation, no matter who would be filmed there))


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