Passions on the Magnificent Century

I thought that, when valued static "soap" operas like "Clone" and domestic "Poor Nastya" (where glavgeroya most of the time talking and talking and talking) is long gone, but no. In Russia, Ukraine and Turkey all go crazy for a very long pseudo "cud" called "Magnificent Century" (name variants - "Magnificent Century", "Roksolana").

This series began filming in Turkey in 2011, currently filmed three seasons, and to an outcome is still far. I read that this series smashed to smithereens experts on the history of those times, as shown in the series (and it is during the reign of Sultan Suleiman I the Magnificent - the middle of the XVI century), because of historical events do not focus attention, and some of the facts of history, who are in series, distorted. However, this should not be so important - if interested in history, you can browse the encyclopedia in the end. What then catches this series, maybe true to the passion in life?

Statistics Popular Searches "Magnificent Century" in Yandex. More than ten million impressions ... "Gossip Girl" nervously smokes on the sidelines. It turns out that the Turkish soap is much more popular than Hollywood - Russian-speaking viewers around the segment

Statistics on "Gossip Girl." The love story of Chuck and Blair are far less interesting to our audience than the story of Suleiman and Hjurrem)

Played the leading female role, sultanas Hjurrem - Meryem Uzerli. German actress of Turkish origin, 29 years old, the show looks older. It is impossible not to notice the similarity with Drew Barrymore.

And this Gerard Butler in Turkish - Halit Ergenç. Handsome man. Sultan Suleiman plays
I was not looking all series (mostly viewing "BB" coincided with cleaning the apartment), but did not see anything truthful. Pretentious formulaic phrases like "my heart breaks with longing for children," said with no less pathetic view camera at least once every five minutes, focus on the eyes of the actors to convey the type of sincere feelings, and indeed acting - quiet horror.

Costumes really that interesting, diverse (especially delivers to look at women of the harem). After seeing an episode of the series somewhere in passing, I would never have said that it is very popular - the usual "soap" for housewives and pensioners. While all my friends enjoy the show, even one in a series of pumps smartphone fresh and looks on his way to work. Maybe I've ever missed something or just do not understand the charm of the simple-minded stuff here ...


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