Pictures of cloth

British artist Ian Berry (Ian Berry), known under the pseudonym Denimu, creates incredible scenes of urban landscapes and the people living in them. Moreover, it works only with old jeans in various shades of blue.

Unlike a traditional painter who mixes colors by overlaying different shades smear each other, Denimu has a more complex and time-consuming task - to cut each shade, pick up tons of pieces of fabric to match a given topic.

The idea to create masterpieces patchwork denim occurred Berry, when he came to our home in Huddersfield (UK). There he found his old jeans jammed into holes, which was the whole story of his life.

I found myself looking at them, old pants of my youth. I was shocked by the beauty of the sea and shades torn, faded pieces of cloth, which contrasted so vividly with each other. I just could not part with them. They were part of who I was then and who I am now. I remember it was a time in my life when I was looking for myself and realized that he had found what he sought.

He began to experiment with textiles, eventually learned how to manage color and form using simple tools - bleach, stencils, glue. Only a few weeks the artist was able to present an impressive picture of the fabric. Taking the name Denimu, by analogy with the Denim creative artist created masterpieces that have had great success. Now they can be found in both private and public collections. At the moment, a promising young wizard living in Sweden.



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