Books made of paper? What is it?

Technical progress is rapidly changing our way of life and turns in antiques is not what yesterday was unthinkable without. Either very quickly to discard immediate invention. How many years have used pagers? And they know about them and those who are now 15-17 years old? And such a thing as a paired phone? Horror soviet telecommunications. But it was quite recently.
Books, with all of this (I mean the regular books) continue, at least, until properly published and republished, if deserve. And the library function. Though perhaps not as active as twenty or thirty years ago.
That's just how long will they be left in the usual form today? Who knows. Anyway, in September 2013 in San Antonio, plans to open the world's first electronic public library. Came, looked, downloaded the necessary material. Is announced that she will be free. For now, anyway. The only premium service - for printing, if necessary. Initiated the creation of a local judge Nelson Wolff, inspired on these things act reading the biography of Steve Jobs. How much lined up just such a way associative array, known to one proponent. But the very fact could become a precedent, entailing far-reaching consequences.
Wait. Twenty years ago, few people believed in a future service provider.


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