Any sweet tooth like work

Any sweet tooth like the work of Italian artist Roberto Bernardi (Roberto Bernardi). But the audience will be very surprised to learn that in fact a collection of chocolates - it giperrealisticheskie oil paintings. Hard to believe that this is not a photo.

From an early age Bernardi was an artist. During his 38 years, he tried to find himself in different styles, including landscapes and portraits. But ultimately, the artist realized his talent in the genre hyperrealism at the age of 19 years.

Depicting various goodies - candy, jellies, chewing gum, candy, chocolate bars, jellies and other edible delight the artist transmits images so realistic that the viewer involuntarily arises desire to eat something sweet.

Today, in the world of modern technology, there are not a lot of realist artists who write only a brush and paints. Roberto Bernardi paints in the traditional manner, the layers of oil paint and varnish. Thereby obtained is very truthful and glossy pictures.

Each of his painting, the artist gives an interesting name, indicating the author's style - "Light and Shadow", "Ship of desires", "Two beams", "Rainbow candy."


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