The paintings in the house—10 rules

Paintings, posters, pictures on the walls of the house create the mood and can influence the life of family both positively and negatively. The practice of Feng Shui will tell you how to turn decorating the house into a source of beneficial energy. Rule 1
Focus on your feelings from the picture. Whether it is positive emotions or, on the contrary, discomfort, anxiety. And it's not necessarily linked with the image of the picture may be, it triggers unpleasant memories of the donor or a situation in which the picture was in the house. If you bad – discard it without regret

Rule 2
Be careful with portraits and photographs of deceased relatives. They should not be placed in the bedroom, kitchen or living room. The same rule applies to portraits of writers, actors, singers – to place the portraits and pictures of their idols better over the workplace

Rule 3

Pay attention to what is depicted in the picture. Aggressive, negative stories do not carry a good energy. It is better to avoid. Also we should be careful with abstract compositions. These paintings do not carry negative energy, but positive on them a bit

Rule 4
You should be careful with inscriptions in unknown languages, symbols and signs. By purchasing panels with the characters, it should ask the specialist what is written on it

Rule 5
The image of flowers always conveys positive energy. Paintings and photographs with flowers will be appropriate in all areas of the house, but the best place for them is the master bedroom. In Chinese culture a symbol of love are peonies. Their image is able to add some romance to a couple's relationship

Rule 6
Still lifes and delicate murals in the kitchen, will attract abundance and financial prosperity. Look for a picture of the place where it will attract as much attention

Rule 7
In the office (if there is one in the house) or in the workplace would be useful image, symbolizing stability and career growth – mountain scenery, photos of beautiful buildings cityscape. Should exclude paintings on "water" theme – images of rivers, seas, waterfalls

Rule 8

The paintings or murals in the living room should be a source of active energy qi. It can be a noble animal, beautiful cars, sports photography

Rule 9
Is that a picture like that, but in the house it is difficult to find. In such a situation, it is worth it to hang in the hallway. So the walls at the entrance of the house you can place a collection of posters or family photos

Rule 10
Feel free to use as decor of the interior of your apartment own works independently drawn landscapes, good pictures on vacation, pictures of children. Surely they cause more positive emotions than picture, bought in the salon, and positive energy compensates for the possible lack of skill




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