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One of the most beautiful and the most unfortunate women in Hollywood. Of course accidents in his personal life, as a career at this 37-year-old actress - do aerobatics (think "Devil's Advocate", "Sweet November" and "Monster")! Charlize troubles began in her youth, when she was sent to boarding school and when her beloved mother Gerda shot her father in self-defense right at her eyes. Then the 15-year-old schoolgirl little understood, but the awareness comes with age, it was painful, especially since a few years later my mother caused her to re-strike - an affair with a complete stranger to her man. All our problems come from childhood, so it is not surprising that when the actress became an adult relationships with the opposite sex from her and did not exist, and ultimately beautiful and clever girl Charlize was left alone with the only outlet in the hands - adopted at birth by a boy Jackson, who pleases Mom day by day.

I'm at an early age to understand the true value of life, I realized how fragile it is and how easy it can be stopped. I realized that there are only two ways: either to go ahead in spite of everything, or go down.

Difficult fate Theron completes health problems - that she formed a cervical herniated vertebral disc, she picked up a rare viral infection. Yet we should not forget that not so much Charlize unlucky and offended God woman, because now everything in her life, and she calmly ustakanilos lives with her mother and forgiven her son.

The work of the talented actress is also not deprived and in the near future we will see it in the movie "Mad Max: Fury Road," "Snow White and the Huntsman 2" and possibly "Murder Mystery". Her story - the story of the rich the poor girl, but she herself does not like to complain and confidently states that everything in her life well, and not "it could be worse." I believe that with this attitude she really is and all will be fine.

What life is really taught me, it's the realization that you can not live without doing evil. I myself involuntarily committed treason. It is bitter, but unavoidable.

I hope to be like my mom. Honest, solid, loving and caring. My mother gave me the opportunity to become who I am. Our family - it's all for her. Its most remarkable feature - is that it has always supported me and helped me find myself and become independent.

I like to watch movies and discover something new. When I feel that my inner resources are depleted, a journey. This is also my priority. We recently traveled to Greece, Turkey, visited Africa, then in Paris. Not stayed in five-star hotels, and took the car and dived into the surrounding life. We slept in the clothes, do without the soul. But then we came in Provence, close to Kanna, and then the paparazzi hell!

I have friends from Iran, Sri Lanka, Bosnia. I want to raise their children free, that they are not closed, learned to other countries, other cultures. To have their individuality. It is dangerous when growing up surrounded by one religion, one political doctrine. And suddenly out of a man grows imperceptibly religious fanatic.

My mother, being protected by my father's dead drunk, shot him and killed on the spot. I was then 15 years old, the most difficult age, and it happened in front of me. Of course, I take this story as a tragedy. But now I can say that it made on me in some way and a positive effect. It originated in me the desire to succeed, which is always associated with independence. My words must have sounded strange, but, believe me, all this is deeply felt.

I seem to have comprehended the science to survive, but now I'd like to forget this long tragedy of our family. It happened so long ago, 18 years ago! I do not want to remain in the past. All these years I lived filled, exciting, joyful life, and if I remember constantly about the bad, the Lord, it would be better to me somebody knocked brains!

The famous aphorism "marriages are made in heaven," I mean literally, it means that people are not boring connects the man in the suit, and if you will - fate. Of course, I know that for many women, an official marriage - a guarantee of a strong Union, but not for me. And everything related to marriage conventions and rituals, too, is not for me. In short, in a white dress and veil, you will not see me!

I am 19 years old standing with someone in a relationship and have a new to me. And that, I must admit, it is not easy.

For me it was always important to clearly understand that pass through my character that had them in the past, why they become so. Once I made up this picture, I'm ready to go. It's part of my homework. And I never knew of sitting in a room and parse the character with a bunch of people around. Such garbage!

For years I came to audition in the baggy trousers, with dirty hair, to prove that I do not care what I look like.

I'm just obsessed with work. Once I agree to participate in any project I immediately stuck with it and I can not throw him out of my head. And continues until the last day of filming.

When to do what you truly love, you do not perceive it as a job. I think I could not do otherwise.

Life - it's not fitting dresses, and we must use every moment.

Gold - the only metal, diamonds - cold stones, limousine - just a machine, do not pretend Feel ...

Loneliness will lead you far. We need to rely on something more.

"All you need - this is love" - ​​I do not agree with this.

Since my childhood I was accustomed to freedom and do not like any of the fetters, even leashes on dogs.

I live as I please.

I was a beautiful baby. Up to four years, I had no hair, and up to eight - the middle of the tooth. I ran around our farm dirty and half-naked. When I grew up, I do not think that is good. My parents never told me about it. They praised my only home help or success in school.

When I started going to auditions in Hollywood, you could hear around me said: "No one would take seriously someone who looks like it».

Outside, gloss - this is nonsense.

I love my life is not less than his work, and I do not want one prevailed over the other.

Jackson is incredibly good baby, it is a real gift! He's a wonderful kid in the world.

While I was busy advertising their films, with the baby helps me mom. Besides, I have a man in the house - two dogs who love Jackson and always ready to defend him.

By nature I am not a romantic. And I do not expect too much from the relationship. But something I'm quite irreconcilable. I did not pursue a relationship with someone who deceived me. That to me does not make sense.

I believe that the habit of discipline, self-discipline - are extremely important things. They "prepared destiny».

We must give up for the sake of non-essential importance.

If I wanted to stay in the modeling business? I was too tall, too big, too old for a supermodel. Kate Moss and all the small, nasty girl became fashionable, and I do not meet these requirements.

I'm sure there are women who never have to worry about what they eat. But I am worried. I do a lot of sports, and to make long runs. My mother and I run at least three times a week.


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