Travel Theron Humphrey (Theron Humphrey) and Maggie

If the first name is clear - this is a man, then a second more complicated. Maggie - nickname dog breed kunhaund that traveled with his master the whole territory of the United States for 365 days.

Photo fascinated Theron Humphrey (Theron Humphrey) when he was still a student at the College of Art and Design in Savannah. Since then, he finally concentrated on photography. Who is the owner of a small studio in Idaho. The idea of ​​a trip through 48 states in the country was acquainted every day with one new person. As a result, Theron is planning to publish a book about his journey. And yet, in North America are very popular with his dog pictures, which were made along the way. The series has been very fun and positive.

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Photo by Theron Humphrey



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