Professional surfer Kelly Slater

Professional surfer Kelly Slater (Kelly Slater) has always wanted to create your own personal park for surfing, where they could hone their skills. King surfing - so called Slater. Having gained his first victory in the age of twenty, forty years old, he became 11-time world champion. Together with Kelly Slater Wave Company, developed the concept of the park surfer named Kelly Slater's Surf Park.

The main objective of this project - to create favorable conditions to ride the waves all year round, 24 hours a day. Innovative circular pool around the island resort creates an endless stream smooth longer wavelengths, which allows you to slide on the water than a few seconds, a minute or more.

Slater was working on this project for several years, trying to improve both the park itself and artificially created waves. Working with a qualified fluid mechanics and engineers, it was decided to create a hydrofoil, by which you can adjust the height of the waves. This will skate both novices and professionals. For the rest will be created an artificial island on the beach, where you can relax after kataniya.Tochnoe location of the first fleet Kelly Slater is still being negotiated, but the most likely candidate is Australia.


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