Chloe Grace Moretz

Already making a name for themselves such hits as "Kick-Ass," "Hugo" and "Dark Shadows", as well as having worked with such stars of the first magnitude as the Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Chloe Moretz is now preparing for sixteen years. This year we expect two major premieres with her participation - "Kick-Ass 2", as well as the new film adaptation of "Carrie" by Stephen King. In an interview she shared her exciting at the moment problems and their plans for the future.

On his career:
You know, now I could be in school, like any other normal 15-year-old girl. I am proud to be created for himself another life. I - businesswoman.
On the difficult role of Carrie:
Carrie - a typical example of a girl who broke around. In casting, I was told, "You are too young, too beautiful, too successful." Having read the book three times and studied in depth the role of Chloe was determined to prove to them that they were wrong:
I like to show people what I'm capable of something from me, they did not expect. I'm bored to play someone cheerful, with a happy life and good family. Because this is my real life.I have a good family. My mother loves me. I like to overcome obstacles, to play someone who does not all right.

On his everyday style:
Cashmere sweaters, jeans, nothing crazy. I wish I was comfortable.

About preferences in clothes for the red carpet:
Oh, McQueen. I love McQueen. Jonathan Saunders, Miu Miu, Prada, and definitely Kenzo - I like their recent kollektsii.No Chloe hastens to note that the designer bows - the exception rather than the rule:
That's why I like it to represent the brand Aéropostale. I love that every woman can buy what I'm wearing one of the paparazzi shots, when I go to the movies. I do not go back and forth in clothes by Givenchy and Louis Vuitton. Mom will not let me buy things expensive brands.

On pressing issues:
I do not know when I will learn to drive a car. It would be great to ride the most after I turned 16. I want to be more independent.
But with the busy schedule of filming so far for this is not the time:

Mom has to be my chauffeur, and she can hardly have the time - it is already rather tired medsestra.Ey carry me everywhere.

About four brothers - one of whom is a part-time teacher for her acting skills and constantly accompanies her in moving:

The family with the older brothers of you constant mock and laugh. But they - my defenders. I always seemed to have bodyguards. If some guy wants me to drive somewhere, they start asking, "Who is this?", "Do I know him?" Or just say, "You do not sit in the car for this guy!».

Their priorities in the work:
I would like to speak director or producer
On relations:
It took me a lot of time trying to find a group of friends with whom I would feel totally comfortable. I'd rather have five close friends than a hundred friends.
About the School:
I drive with a huge suitcase with books. It is very important for me. I want to be able to say: "I'm not just an actress. I can not leave this business and live their lives and become what I want. " College will help me not to feel limited and not forced into a framework stereotype.

While she tries not to worry about the university:
My friends stayed three years in school, but they are already thinking, "What am I to do - to be a doctor, lawyer or accountant?" And I have to tell them, "Calm down and breathe deeply!»
Chloe itself can not be stressed:
I would ask myself, "What the film I take in the future?", "Will I be offered an advertising campaign?", "Would I anybody?" "I And vanish in a few years?". I have said a hundred times that I did not come out. I have learned not particularly listen to others. My philosophy is simple - if something makes you feel happy - do it. And if not - then stop. You have to be spontaneous. It is not necessary to play the best friend in the movie version of his life. Whether the main character.


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