Quotes Elizabeth Taylor

One of the "King of Hollywood" its Golden Age, double award "Oscar", the first, whose fee was one million dollars, to marry for love as much as eight times, amazingly beautiful, headstrong, fascination, capricious, and always a little bit unhappy, but indefatigably striving for the attainment of true "lived happily ever after." Who else can boast such an overpoweringly stubborn cheerfulness. She's become a legend in his lifetime, and could tell about themselves and their life's twists and turns a lot of interesting things. Now tell her about her famous movie roles and famous sayings, showing an outstanding sense of humor and intelligence.
Over time, you begin to regret all the sins committed by thee, and even a few that were not sovershila.

The strange thing! Patience comes with age. The fewer years of life, the greater our ability to terpeniyu.

In New York, I learned that there is no better deodorant than uspeh.

Roles are a bitch to me with great legkostyu.

If the producer is so stupid that offers me a million dollars for the film, I'm not stupid enough to otkazatsya.

Everything makes me nervous, except for shooting in kino.

You can be fat and still have seksapilen. It all depends on who one chuvstvuesh.

I slept only with those of whom has been married. Are there many women can say the same?

Conscience in most people - no more than a fear of opinion drugih.

Women are the majority of men believe rascals and scoundrels, but they have not yet found a suitable zameny.

I do not remember when I was not znamenitoy.

Who gave you a true friend, you will know when you get to skandal.

Taste is formed gradually. Twenty years ago I happened to marry men who are now, I would not be invited to his obed.

You will not wait for me to claim that I will not marry yet raz.

To become a legend, you must first umeret.

The epitaph, composed for itself: Here lies Elizabeth Taylor. Thank you for every mgnovenie.


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