Master in one - a master in all - but not immediately

First you need to achieve mastery at least in some case.
Then become fully developed - to extend skills in all areas of life. So we grow. The principle of expansion.

We are happy - when they understand us. What would we understand the need to be masters in communication.

In general, any skill - is the ability to express inner outside.

All people like when they talk about themselves and quickly lose interest in the conversation when we are talking about abstract things. The reason for this is that the life and meaning and interest of each is inside - Higher Self and everyone is trying to find it. If the contact is lost with him a man embarks on a quest. First, it is not clear what and where it is not clear. However, the feeling that - that something is wrong. Something is missing. Somehow sad. It'S Cold. Lonely - all symptoms of the fact that people have lost myself. And in a conversation with the other asks for help - in search of himself.

Someone earlier finds himself, someone is looking for himself all his life.
The first thing to do - it is necessary to determine the likes and dislikes.
Just write down all that like and dislike.
Then look for activities that include the most of what they like and do not include what is not to like.
Maybe it's an activity which is not yet in the world or that reprehensible modern mores.

Practice is important. It is necessary to take up the case or cases and determine which want to do something not for money and "do not feed bread." So comes the evening and those Yeshe full of strength and wonder what the day was.
But if you're always looking at your watch and think, when will it end - Nope - this is not it.

The essence of excellence in the ability to express vnutrenee out.
No matter what kind of activity. Painting, dance, stage, word thing ...

The main thing to do is to achieve maximum quality and perfection in this.

Simply start with the fact that much. It Natures gift to us - the bridge to mastery dregs laid for us.

Reaching mastery in one thing you know the general scheme of any skill. Then just need practice.

And lastly, a few words about what it is to express outwardly. Of course it is important that we express it.

Need to express his true I - and how to find it and to keep in touch - a topic for another article :)


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