Time magazine published a list of the hundred most influential people in the world

A week ago, the famous Time magazine published a list of the hundred most influential people in the world. The annual ranking is compiled for the tenth time, and the list of participants is divided into five main categories - "Leaders and Revolutionaries", "famous in the world of art and entertainment", "scientists and thinkers", "Builders and tycoons", "heroes and idols." At this time, among others, the list includes Barack and Michelle Obama, Steven Spielberg, Harvey Weinstein, Michael Kors, Christina Aguilera, Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, Justin Timberlake. There in the rankings and one Russian - the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin.

On the occasion of the publication of the list of Time magazine annually arranges a gala dinner, which, in addition to the lucky owners of the status of "most influential", there are other famous personalities. A pleasant event precedes the traditional red carpet.

The brightest star of the evening, of course, was Christina Aguilera. The singer not only debuted in the rankings, but also demonstrated a brilliant appearance. Christine noticeably thinner, and to show in all its glory its sexual forms, examples of slinky evening dress from the collection of Victoria Beckham. Open black dress straps not without seductive cut on his chest, but even with them the singer, known for his love of the most revealing outfits, looked very elegant and sophisticated. Beautiful hair, restrained (by the standards Aguilera) makeup and jewelry brought the image of the ideal.

Amy Poehler walked the red carpet in a dress of black lace from Chantilly illusory effect of transparency. Restrained outfit perfectly fit into the atmosphere of the event, but I would have picked him more delicate sandals - feet to look a little more elegant. Nevertheless, it is worth noting a good bright manicure - nail berry shades give the image of ease (unlike, for example, from the classic red, which usually looks strictly).

The silk dress with a tiger print by Lanvin arrived for dinner Claire Danes. In my opinion, this is not the best image of the actress. The dress itself looks good, but the framing clearly suffering. Large necklace in ethnic style is an interesting addition to addition, but it can be considered only in the vicinity, and the color of lipstick should choose brightly Claire - all this surrounded by the animal's face looks pale.

Unlike Claire, Olivia Munn does not need any make-up saturated accents - actress and without it boasts a bright appearance. But that too is not completely merge with the crowd, Olivia donned a dress of bright yellow-orange hue. I think it is superfluous any comments - and so it is clear that the actress looks dazzlingly beautiful. By the way, it has created a miracle of lace party list, Michael Kors, which Olivia and spent most of his time at the dinner.

Jessica Biel appeared at the ceremony, accompanied by the wife of Justin. Actress wore a black silk dress with an asymmetric cut of the bodice and skirt. I'm not a big fan of sheer asymmetry and drapery sets in dresses, but to my surprise, Jessica managed to create in this dress is very elegant and interesting way. Certainly not the last role was played by the wonderful sandals with gold elements.

Indian beauty Padma Lakshmi posed for photographers in an interesting dress with black and white patterns graphically. At first glance, it's just a print, but on closer examination it becomes clear that this is an unusual decoration in the form of white threads and decoration on black fabric. I really like the dress, but more like the selection of makeup and jewelry to him. Large earrings of jade is very impressive look, combined with coral-pink lipstick.


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