Influential people in the world

Each year the magazine publishes a list of the 100 most influential people in the world. This year was no exception. What is remarkable is the list among the rest? Perhaps the fact that it includes not only the politicians, leaders and influential scholars. The editors do not forget about the figures of pop culture, because it has a direct influence on the formation of tastes and attitudes of many people. Besides the master fashion industry rarely awarded attention in these tops.

As declare themselves Times, the list includes

artists, activists, reformers, scholars, heads of state and entrepreneurs. Their ideas resonate, new opportunities, and sometimes even revolution.
So, I suggest to get acquainted with some influential figures, made the list.
Mark Zuckerberg

This young billionaire, has been named Time magazine's Man of the Year, is now among his multiple titles and statuses has another - one of the hundred most influential people in the world.

He created not only the most advanced and popular social network, he changed the principle of the Internet, the principle of perception itself seti.

Angela Merkel

Angela put every effort into the development of their country. In 2005, when she was appointed minister immediately began to put in order the affairs of state. As a result, she was able to lift the economy of Europe, located before the crisis. Through her tireless work and efforts of Germany once again become a country, which want to be the other.

Julian Assange

Known kibergeny, a talented journalist and a man who is not afraid to show the truth. Behind him, scandalous WikiLeaks and many secret documents for disclosure that he is being persecuted, and try to punish.

In late 2010, Julian Assange was voted man of the year by the readers of Time, the magazine gave himself the title of Mark Zuckerberg.

Colin Firth

There are two Colin Firth, who firmly fused into one personality. One of them - a man of high principles and actions, which is able to sympathize and fight for the weak of this world. Another - beloved by many an actor originally from the UK, the world-famous star.

The two sides of this man get along well with each other. It can be a dazzling movie star, it is important to pace the carpet, but should look at the person and immediately become visible kindness in his eyes, deep mind and concentration. Philanthropy and charity open it maturity and wisdom. Congenital Colin decency, self-discipline and self-analysis indicate that he is a typical Englishman. His kind, thoughtful, loving nature makes it a simple nice person.

Michelle Obama

By taking the "post" All America's First Lady, Michelle sat with folded arms and did not enjoy the laurels of her husband. She knew that there are problems, and it has the ability to pay attention to them and help resolve them. Its target audience became teenagers. Mrs. Obama took up the problem of obesity, its main goal was to improve the health of America's children.

Tom Ford

Thomas Carlyle Ford. Even his name lies an incredible elegance, not to mention the business. In the world it is known as a designer who in the 90s put at the forefront of fashion sexy bare back. It is said that this incredibly seductive man who seems to dwell on Olympus among the finest of the gods, life is witty prankster and a close friend, you can rely on. His incredible, seeming old-fashioned manners? He still takes notes by hand. This is so typical of the man who is to this day a suit every day three. Friends agree that he is one of the hundred best, and then claim that it is for them - one in a million.

Justin Bieber

Justin knew what he wanted, he had a dream, which first became a target, and then the reality. His friends say that he was born to be famous. Looking back, you realize that despite all the derision and mockery of envious and detractors, he did much to become what he became. He has surpassed all expectations and hopes. And despite its wild popularity, I was a normal kid with normal children's lives and children's dreams.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

I'm not sure a lot of people typed in the list of people who do not know who these two. Still less will those who are not aware of their imminent wedding.

Regularities culmination of nine-year relationship between the royals and simple, but very beautiful girl, literally breathlessly awaits the world. Their story - the embodiment of a fairy tale. And fairy tales are sometimes very expensive (and not only in financial terms). But let's hope that love will win all.

Blake Lively

It happens that sometimes some actor or actress establish a non-verbal contact with the younger generation. On the one hand, he or she is a famous person on the other - a person, reflecting the aspirations and values ​​of youth. Blake Lively of these. It is not just the young star, she is single-minded personality, striving for success and recognition. In the end, Karl Lagerfeld could not be mistaken in the person choosing it as an inspiring muse.

Hillary Clinton

In his role as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has had time to do much. She spoke clearly about human rights and cover topics freedom of expression on the Internet. When Muammar Gaddafi threatened to kill civilians in Benghazi, she became a key figure in building support for and protection of civilians, it consolidated power over the American Union in Europe and Asia. It could become an authoritative person in politics, even if they are on the side of the opposition and the ruling party has evolved from the strongest rival Barack Obama, in one of the strongest and most loyal supporters of the current government.

Oprah Winfrey

In September this year, will start 25th and final season of the show, which not only improved the daytime television, but also radically changed the lives of many people. Oprah - a unique person, such as it is, people with independent thinking, unbelievable courage, and faith in a better intuition, very much needed in this world. If it is taken for any business, it is less concerned with profit, for it is much more important than an idea that carries a cause for which she took. Thanks to her efforts CNN changed the approach to news coverage. Now more events on the channel, based on good, good deeds and actions; More inspiring something good movie. Oprah has launched its own channel, which is informative and educational. She has achieved a lot and it seems to me that the end is not yet.

Mia Wasikowska

In this cute girl with a keen eye open and recognize talent. It is said that she is very sincere and nice person creates around itself some incredible solar energy. She is shy and observant, loves a good joke, laugh and sometimes misbehave, almost like a child. She does not brag and is not enjoying his success, rather it refers to more than easy.

Bruno Mars

Nowadays, a lot of young musicians, who perfectly played on the piano and guitar. Perhaps among them will be found, and those who own voice, as well as Bruno. But it has some enchanting musicality, which is now so rarely seen. Bruno supporter of the classical stage work. He always acts in a live, no soundtracks - is an iron law. He attracts people to him easy to work with and a pleasure to chat.

With other figures included in the list of most influential people, can be found on the official website of Time.


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