Day Eleven

"Venus in Furs" - a new work of director Roman Polanski, which was presented yesterday at the Cannes Film Festival. The film is based on the play of the notorious Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (it took his name from the term "masochism") and will probably have to taste not for everyone. The film is a comedy with a clear chamber sadomasochistic bent, which involves only two characters - a man and a woman. To make a film on one single camera, but as a place of action appears all the 1.5 hours the abandoned Parisian theater. Despite such specific supply and unusual story, wanting to see "Venus in Furs" last night was rife. On the red carpet before the screening of the film gathered and members of the jury, and host of the festival, and a dozen guests of the Film Forum.

Audrey Tautou's leading film festival this time opted for a black dress with a lush two-layer skirt made of taffeta. Is this dress any highlight and special charm inherent subtle images of French women, but to admit that the dress looks very heavy and large to the tiny figure Audrey.

One French and one is not the best way. Generally, it is not just bad, it is terrible! The performer of the title role in the premiere of the movie Emmanuelle Seigner appeared on the red carpet in a tailored dress Alexandre Vauthier. Attire desperate women - dress with a neckline SUCH otherwise called. In addition, chest actress is clearly not intended for such frank cutouts, and a huge amount of photos, where it checks whether everything is okay with her cleavage, only confirms this. The incision from hip and red make the image even more vulgar.

Bianca Balti chose for the premiere of a transparent lace dress decorated with red rhinestones, through which shone black lingerie in the retro style. Such outfits for many years considered the hallmark of Dolce & Gabbana, and many of the stellar ladies are not shy about wearing them. However, these evening dresses often cause torrent of criticism of their owners (for example, at the last Venice Film Festival in a similar lace appeared Laetitia Casta, and many of the readers of our site dubbed it matter). What do you think about the outfit Bianchi? Vulgar or nice? I, as is the case with Letizia, adhere to the second option.

Nicole Kidman has chosen to pass on the red carpet outfit rezortnoy collection of Chanel. In my opinion, this is not the best dress in this collection on the catwalk and it looks not very attractive, but Nicole was able to breathe life into it. The dress looks very interesting because of unusually trim ruffles that from afar resemble fluffy feathers, thanks to the playful and sexy neckline at the back. I agree that it is not the best way of Nicole at the festival this year, but frankly I failed him, too, I can not name.

Turkish actress, performer of one of the roles in well-known television series "The Magnificent Century" Saadet Aksoy embodied on the red carpet image of a fairy, but very fashionable princess in smoky gray evening dress of lace and organza. I've never seen an actress on the red carpet, but it would be more often - it is very nice to look at!

There was a red carpet and our charmer Ulyana Sergeenko, fashion creations during the festival which is very fond of the famous girls. Juliana posed for photographers in a black velvet dress of their own design, adding larger outfit with pink topaz earrings and a ring with an emerald. The image of a decent, but I'm still a bit disappointed with choice of toilet. The collection of Uliana so unusual and beautiful dresses that would fit perfectly into the atmosphere of Cannes, and she chose a simple dress ...

Zhang Ziyi attend the premiere in a lavender dress Elie Saab Couture. The dress is decorated with crystals and lace, in the best tradition of Saab, and is provided with pockets (pockets evening dresses - my biggest weakness!). This is probably the last appearance of Zhang on the red carpet film festival this year, and I am very pleased that it has completed his stay in Cannes in this fabulously beautiful dress.

The granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin, Carmen Chaplin, which we saw at the festival last year, chose to pass on the red carpet green evening dress with smell. I dress like this just the color, but the abundance of drapes and hanging sleeves create the effect of negligence, which is not always beautiful. However, I want to note that even though not the best outfit, Carmen looks fine.

The latest at the premiere of "Venus in Furs" appeared "Miss Universe 2010" Jimena Navarrete, who recently serves as the ambassador of beauty L'Oreal Paris. In his purple evening dress she had this vision - it was so beautiful. I really like the color, style, finish and dress the way he looks at his owner. Perhaps the dress a little cramped in the hips, but I'm ready to close my eyes on this small drawback due to the overall beauty of the dress.

"Venus in Furs" has become not only a picture of the premiere last night. His new job also provided the director Jim Jarmusch, whose support in Cannes came playing the main role in his film "Only Lovers Left Alive" and Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston.

Tilda, as always, was the epitome of originality on the red carpet. We know that this woman has never followed the conventional fashion trends, and relied on their own unique style of dress, but this time it has brought its fashionable flair. Trouser ensemble from the gold lurex from Haider Ackermann looked more comical than stylish. High volume hairstyle made the image even more strange.


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